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[S1E10] [2021] Full Circle

Atticus and Lettie use an incantation call him back (but now Christina is alerted that something is going on). With Titus summoned back into the circle, Atticus stabs Titus and rips out a part of his chest. Atticus then releases the spirits so they disappear.

[S1E10] Full Circle

Christina performs the ceremony successfully. Leti shows up and sees her man dying. She whispers that she loves him before he closes his eyes. She tries to cast a counter spell. The only thing she manages to do is whip up some black smoke. Ji-Ah remembers the words of the Mudang and rushes into the black smoke. She uses her tails to connect Christina and Tic. A flashback sequence begins and we see Christina catching Ruby with her hand in the cookie jar, Tic being baptized, Tic introducing Dee to the shoggoth, Tic giving Hyppolyta the letter that is later given to Montrose, and Christina in the tower giving Leti back invulnerability after her fall.

Titus teleports into the middle of the road, causing Christina and Ruby to crash. Christina crashes through the windshield but is back on her feet in a matter of seconds. She approaches Titus, who reveals that Tic has the Book of Names before being summoned back to the circle.

Meanwhile, Hippolyta, Ji-Ah and Montrose get surrounded by this group. I was fully expecting a warrior queen Hippolyta moment mixed with some of her fancy lightning powers and Ji-Ah tapping into her murderous fox spirit abilities, but they get captured quick enough. 041b061a72


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