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Buy Packers Tickets

Green Bay Ticket Service is the preferred local source to buy Packers tickets. To buy Packers tickets NOW, click on the desired home or road game below to see a complete list of available inventory and prices. We offer the lowest prices and charge no additional service fees. For all Lambeau Field games, you may also buy hotel packages, tailgate party coupons and game day parking passes.

buy packers tickets

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"I just wanted to say thank you for the tremendous service. The team at Titletown Tickets is awesome! Whether it is a first rate place for a meal and a beer or tickets and lodging for games...I refer all Packer fans to you guys. Go Pack!"

It's true what they say about Packers tickets. Demand is so high, that the season ticket waiting list is in the thousands. But you don't have to wait another day for your chance to see the Green Bay Packers play at Lambeau Field, or on the road. Ticket King can get you "in the game" today. We work directly with season ticket holders, year in and year out. As soon as the NFL schedule is released, we jump into action.

With our ticket office just yards from Lambeau Field, Ticket King Green Bay makes it easy to buy, sell, or upgrade your tickets. With decades of experience, we have thousands of sources for all the best seats.

When looking for Green Bay tickets, there are several options to choose from. The "100 level" bowl seating is made up of sixty rows of bench seats. Above row sixty, you will find "300 level" seats. Don't forget to ask about indoor and outdoor club seating or luxury suites at Lambeau Field. There is a new deck in the south-end zone of Lambeau Field. That section adds 7000 new seats but doesn't reduce the season ticket waiting list too much. Whether you just need a pair of seats or a large group, any size order is not a problem.

The 2018 Packers season was another exciting time for fans and the team. From the start, Aaron Rodgers led his players, and he stuck it out. In game one against the Bears, he managed an amazing comeback win. In a strange one at Lambeau Field, they ended game two against the Vikings in a tie. This was followed up with their first loss of the season, against a Redskins team that made it a thrilling finish. Taking down Buffalo in week four seemed to be the remedy to the 1-1-1 start, but that was followed up with a loss to the Lions on the road. This was a season where the team's goal was to string together a pair of victories. After the bye week, they had the Rams on the ropes, late in the game. A fumble on a kickoff return dashed the hopes of a last-second victory, and the team was looking at a very thrilling road game against New England. The Packers would not go on to win again until Miami came to Green Bay on November 11.The Packers were still in the hunt at that point and finished with a record that had fans looking forward to next season. To add insult to injury, Rodgers was taken out of the final game with a concussion. The organization did not wait for the end of the season, and Joe Philbin took over as interim coach, and the packers played .500 ball to close out the season.2019 will be the start of the Matt LaFleur era in Green Bay. LaFleur comes to the Packers by way of the Titans. Before that, he spent time as a coach in Atlanta and Los Angeles. This young team leader was picked by Packers management as someone that will bring the best out in Aaron Rodgers. Assistant coaching positions will fill out as the offseason moves along. For now, Packers fans will look forward to a much more productive 2019.

Buying NFL tickets online can help simplify the process and remove some of the annoyances and risks that come from trying to buy tickets at the stadium. In this article, we discuss what options you have when trying to buy Packers tickets at Lambeau Field. Along with Packers ticket office information.

The Green Bay Packers home games almost always sellout. Therefore, if you wait to buy tickets at the game, you will likely miss out. Buying your tickets in advance, if possible, is always best. Click here to view Packers tickets available at Vivid Seats (affiliate link takes you to

There are many places to buy Packers tickets from online, but I prefer Vivid Seats because of the 100% Buyer Guarantee, their digital platform, and their loyalty program. Click here to view Packers tickets available at Vivid Seats (affiliate link takes you to

Buying tickets online can be a bit scary when it comes to giving out your information, which is why Vivid Seats has their 100% Buyer Guarantee program. The program is designed to give you security and peace of mind when you are buying tickets online. Here is all that comes with the 100% Buyers Guarantee program:

Not only do they make sure your are satisfied and your transactions are secure, but they also have a very user-friendly platform. When you go to purchase tickets, they show you exactly where the seats are on the stadium map. They also give you an actual picture view from those seats.

The difference between buying from Vivid Seats versus buying directly from the team is Vivid Seats is a secondary ticket marketplace, meaning fan-to-fan. As mentioned, usually online ticket brokers like Vivid Seats will have a lot more tickets available and options to choose from.

Click here to browse through Packers tickets on Vivid Seats to see what seats are available, and what prices (affiliate link takes you to As we discussed earlier in the article, you also have the option to reach out to the Packers Ticket Office via phone, email or through their official website to inquire about any single game tickets. To learn more, click here.

You will see tickets for all games during the season right below. From the preseason all the way up to the Super Bowl. You will also notice that there are tickets for both home and away games. Keep this in mind when doing your research. You will come across parking pass listings as well. These are critical for making your experience a little bit better. We discuss this in one of the sections below.

Timing the purchase of your Green Bay Packers tickets is not that easy. We like to think we have a strategy in place that can help get your tickets at a fair market value or better. The Packers games are always sold out and are difficult to come by. Here are a couple of ways you can find tickets for less.

Start looking around two weeks prior to the game you want to see. This is when supply and demand will be fairly equal and then tend to fall off. This is when ticket sellers will really want to sell their seats. Trying to get a premium for their tickets is their ultimate goal.

Another thing to consider is the opponent the packers are facing. A game against the Chicago Bears will be much more expensive than a game against the Houston Texans. Keep this in mind if you feel like saving a little more money.

You can buy tickets from tons of different sites. A lot of the sites carry the same tickets, but just display them differently. We are here to show you the events available and offer you the best ticket sites to purchase from. We have plenty of features to guide your way to your next show.

GREEN BAY, Wis. (WLUK) -- The Green Bay Packers switching to mobile tickets has not only changed how fans enter the stadium, but how those fans can re-sell tickets. Scalpers are being forced to adapt to the change.

The days of meeting up or mailing out Packer tickets is officially a thing of the past. Now that the Packers have converted to mobile only, fans can transfer tickets via text or email with just a few clicks and figure out methods of payment between the seller and recipient.

Scalpers outside of the stadium wouldn't go on camera to speak with us, but did share that they're using things like Venmo and Zelle instead of cash to sell tickets outside of the stadium on game days. 041b061a72


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