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Download Movie Final Destination 4: The Best Way to Enjoy the 3D Effects

This sounds like an interesting flick, that should be good for Nickelodeon. I think they've finally realized that movie versions of their animated shows isn't proving to be too profitable, so they're starting to branch out a bit more. While this will be mainly aimed at children, it's one of those flicks that the parents might not mind being dragged along to. This flick centers on five young monks in ancient China, each a specialist in a differenty style of kung fu, who must band together when a rebel monk attacks their temple and have to rely on their skills to survive. The addition of producer Lawrence Bender, best known for his work on Quentin Tarantino's movies, should bring a unique style to this picture and it looks like something to keep an eye on. Best News of the Week Nominee.

This sits starts out kind of weird. They first ask if you're "old enough" to ride this ride and make you enter in your birthday, and then they ask you for your name, "in case something happens." After this, you move on to the main site, and the interface here is a little weird also. The main site is this roller coaster going out of control over and over again, and you keep passing little landmarks that bring you to the four menus: The Legend, The Victims, The Evidence and The Consequences. The Legend just has the trailers and synopsis' for all three movies, and a link to buy the two-pack of the first DVD's. The Victims menu is pretty stupid, with just some "yearbook snapshots" of the actors and what they were voted among their class. You understand here why they ask for your name, as the last of the "snapshots" is of you, dead, with a toe tag reading your name and saying that you died under mysterious circumstances. Ooooh, scary. The Evidence is really a downloads section, with desktops, AIM Icons, a poster, screensaver and "screamtones" to download. Lastly, The Consequences is just this "terror-gram" you can send to a friend and a sweepstakes you can enter. The style of this site is rather nice, but there just isn't enough content here. Final Destination 3 opens on February 10.

download movie final destination 4


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