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Taboo American Style 1 |LINK|

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Taboo american style 1

Establish collective norms. The group should try to agree on some fundamental principles guiding international relations in Northeast Asia as well as procedural guidelines for the multilateral dialogue. Talking about principles is not the usual American style of diplomacy, but Washington supported the effort of the Russia-led working group on the Six-Party talks to begin building a Northeast Asia multilateral mechanism by agreeing to a set of principles. Norms can provide a basis for coordinated action. A norm against regional nuclear proliferation, for example, would lend weight to the effort to discourage Japan or South Korea from going down that path. And a norm on freedom of navigation could be the starting point for managing differences about maritime access in exclusive economic zones so that they don't lead to accidents at sea.

Procedural agreement would also give the multilateral process more continuity and weight. The group should seek basic procedures such as consensus decision-making, no taboo issues, no boycotting of meetings and a commitment to meet on an emergency basis if anyone requests it. Rotating the chair would help build a shared sense of ownership in the process.


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