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Opus Cms Para 64 Bits Rapidshare !!LINK!!

up for grabs is our dsi tg277 2.0 rgb, 300-nit led, 100-ft, 1080p, 2-m-way stereo video broadcast monitor. this monitor is in brand new condition, with all boxes that came with it. it's the exact same monitor we use in the studios to produce and monitor our work. it has black side panels and has brand new 4-gang power cables installed in the back. the chassis has no scratches or signs of any damage. the monitor has a usb port that we use to record the broadcasts on the fly so that we are able to listen to it in the mix if we need to. as for how it sounds, it sounds a bit bright, but not that bright. it's a bright monitor to watch your programs on. check out the picture below to see if you know what monitor i'm talking about.

opus cms para 64 bits rapidshare

when it comes to a wide range of content distribution platforms, you'd be hard-pressed to find a more experienced and creative media distribution company than bts. for these purposes, that's 3x platinum certified by riaa and cria. the studio routinely delivers many thousands of brand new hours of recorded content, meaning you won't find tv shows on youtube, movies on vimeo, or music on spotify, that bts doesn't own and host. that's why we're the premiere choice for record labels, publishers, and media producers worldwide. we do it all.

the new models have also been changed to be stereo in the video metadata. the browser is now using a single stereo track (instead of stereo/stereo). in tidal, the single track now has stereo and 5.1 mixdown attributes. in the web player, the mixed-down track will have the stereo and 5.1 mixdown, but will not be available as an option.


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