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[S2E19] House Vs. God

Over at the Cook household, their assets have been frozen, and Jackie asks Veronica to hook her up with a job at Java the Hutt. Despite having no experience (or does she?), Jackie is a pro at waitressing. Not a pro: Wallace at talking. (WTF in these episodes, bro?) Newly single Wallace is still trying to convince Jackie to go out with him. With this compelling argument:

[S2E19] House vs. God

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Description:Laura goes into a haunted house when Nellie dares her to do it. She becomes a friend of the old man that lives there, Mr. Pike. She finds out that he is waiting for his wife to return. After Laura learns that Mrs. Pike died years ago, she helps Mr. Pike cope with the death of his wife.

Fun Fact:Laura convinces Willie to help her make Henry jealous and then gets irritated with him because he will not hold her hand all the time. His excuse? He has to go to the outhouse, a lot.

Reese is getting bad grades in school, and so Malcolm is forced to tutor him, he eventually learns the real reason behind it. Meanwhile, Francis comes back to visit home again and quickly gets himself kicked out of the house for refusing to fix the roof of the house.

As a subplot, Dewey finds a house fly after playing with some coloring books, which he names Tony. In the boy's bedroom, Malcolm tells Reese he does not like Mom's orders either, but that they should get through it he best way they can. Malcolm pulls out a completely wet and folded textbook which Reese threw at a duck. He then looks for Reese's math book and Reese replies which half of it does he want. Malcolm then suggests start with geography but Reese says he does not take it because has a horrible grade in it.

Richie brings Francis to the basement of his parent's house which smells of dirty laundry, mildew, and a dead rat Richie shot. Richie gives Francis a pool raft to use as a bed which requires air to be blown into it. They then sit on the couch and turn on the TV to watch a porno movie.

At Richie's house, Francis is bundled up because the basement's window is left open, letting in the cold wind. Francis tells himself he does not need heat because he has justice on his side, and that his mother Lois will give in. As Richie is clipping his toenails on the TV stand, Francis asks if he could do it in the bathroom, but Richie says that no one is going in there for at least six hours. Francis then suggests Richie do it over a wastebasket and asks him to cut down on the porn. But Richie responds b that when it ends he'll put on another one. Francis insists to stop with the pornography, Richie tells him it is a documentary. Just then, Richie's toenail flies out as it is clipped and lands in Francis' right eye.

Later, Malcolm enters the Wilkerson house with Dewey, who leaves with his fly Tony. Mr. Woodward is in the kitchen speaking with Hal and Lois; he gives them a document that, once signed, will place Reese in the remedial class. Before Hal and Lois can sign it, Malcolm tells them that Reese did not deserve an "F" on his test, and that Reese's teacher truly is out to get him. Mr. Woodward keeps telling him that the test is what it is; when Malcolm shows him one of the test's questions and states it to be a correct answer. When Mr. Woodward says it was only a partial answer and tells them what a complete answer requires, Malcolm recites the rest of the answer that Reese's teacher didn't bother to read and tells him it is "exactly what I wrote". Lois hears the "I wrote" part, and despite Malcolm's attempts to cover up his blunder, realizes that that he cheated for Reese. She is furious at this at first, but then immediately realizes that Mr. Woodward put an "F" on something Malcolm wrote. She unleashes her fury on Mr. Woodward about how Reese was inadvertently telling the truth the whole time and can't wait to see him fired for abusing the power he held as a teacher. When Mr. Woodward informs Lois that Malcolm will be expelled if the school finds out about him taking Reese's test for him, Lois sees this as a threat and tells him that Malcolm's knowledge will guarantee his future no matter what, and that Reese is the one who needs all the help he can get. Mr. Woodward does not believe that any mother could ever have such disregards for her own son, especially one who achieves like Malcolm. Suddenly, Francis then appears at the window cold, filthy, injured, hungry, crying and begging to come home; he promises to fix the roof, paint the house, or do anything to be inside and warm again. Mr. Woodward is horrified and accepts his defeat, and then arranges a deal to prevent himself from getting fired.

Finally ashamed at how monstrous she's become, Fluttershy boards up her house and hides inside, for fear of hurting anypony else ever again. Concerned about her, Pinkie Pie and Rarity come by, then try to coax her out by saying she doesn't have to be a bully to be assertive. Midway through their discussion, Iron Will and his crew show up as well, to collect Fluttershy's payment for the seminar. Frightened of what he might do to their friend, Rarity and Pinkie stall him, but Fluttershy accidentally gives herself away with an Ill-Timed Sneeze, whereupon Iron Will threatens to tear her door down (he knocks gently after tearing off the boards) if he doesn't get paid. Fluttershy finally comes out... and tells Iron Will that she refuses to pay. Calmly but firmly, she explains that he had promised 100% satisfaction... and she's not satisfied with the seminar at all because it drove everypony away from her. Knowing that he can't go back on his word, Iron Will agrees and leaves without a fuss.

Kuba brings home an expensive fur coat that he borrowed for his cabaret show at the club. Due to a misunderstanding, Klara is convinced that this fur is for her and thanks Cuba for not forgetting their wedding anniversary. Kuba, who of course forgot about their anniversary, now does not have the courage to tell Clara about the actual purpose of the fur. The day of the show is approaching and the devastated Kuba has only one solution: a burglar will sneak into the house, the fur coat will be stolen, and the show will be saved. 041b061a72


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