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Why You Should Listen to HAREM SCAREM - Harem Scarem 1991 FLAC [ By Request] Today

Thanks for all the great replies, and thanks to all who helped me track it down. I always liked Harem's demos the best, they were raw with great guitar and powerful drums. This was their release for that album, rather than "Come in, sit down and watch our head trip show".It was really difficult to find, but I managed, thankfully. :D

HAREM SCAREM Harem Scarem 1991 FLAC By Request

Download Zip:

Gigglin:I must say, even though it's the same track from 31 Seconds To Mars, I love the band now, (I had never heard of them) and the song "Bad Romance" is my favorite. Great band!The best part of this comp is the first track. "Pink" can't seem to decide what version to play, one version is slower, and one is faster. The one that is slower is the demo from the (vital) show in the Story section. I remember they changed it from this to the other one for the ep. of that show, (a few months later) and they just stuck with it. :D"Pink" is the only one missing from this comp, and it's the same song (with a different version), so this is going to be the only version I play for a long time. :D(I think this was recorded the same day the band was born, also the same day Queen released "Bohemian Rhapsody".)Special thanks to AVN for adding this one to the list.Akiya - Yeah, wasn't aware of that news, thanks for the info :)Ghost:Super incredible comp. Pure class!Big dog:Thanks for the feedback, give it time. I may do another harem Scarem-esque post. I can't remember the last time I played and listened to music that much!Free:I hate to correct you, but this is not a harem Scarem compilation. It was originally posted by AVN.


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