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EAGAN, Minn., Feb. 28, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Outdoor GreatRoom Company has launched its new fire products and updates for 2013. An innovator in gas fire pit designs and fireplaces, the Outdoor GreatRoom Company has taken the lead with its new Fire Pit Table designs. Ranging from modern and sleek to traditional and rustic, these fire pits encompass a wide range of styles, sizes and shapes. Fueled by Crystal Fire Technology, these fire pits can run on either an LP tank or Natural Gas line. The final result is a beautiful, adjustable flame that is safe, easy-to-use, and clean-burning.A highlight is the the new Napa Valley Collection of fire pit tables are designed to mix and match tops, bases and tiles so a consumer can design their own unique look, size and style. The materials range from stucco and metal bases to ceramic and granite tile tops. The top shapes are rectangular and square and have burner shapes to match.Ten Fire Pit Products for 2013

harmony flame

At 2:30 my friend arrived. People were gathering on the sidewalk, so we went out. At 3:00 a parade of vehicles - commercial sponsors handing out free flags and sodas - came down the street. Some random cars and school buses filtered through. A voice over a loudspeaker announced that the torch was on the way, any minute now. Two men on rollerblades, selling souvenirs, came along. By then it was close to 3:30, and I needed to pick up our daughter from school. Finally, a truck came slowly down the street, and we glimpsed the runner behind it, holding high the Olympic torch, ablaze with the flame symbolizing uninterrupted light. What a thrill. It was worth the wait. But what a lot of distractions had come along before we saw the flame. I had been tempted to wonder if it would ever arrive, and even to give up waiting.

Later, I saw this as a metaphor. Every spiritual healing I've had has been a moment of "I saw the flame." The flame in those moments has been the light of the Christ - the truth of each of us as the very expression of God, divine Spirit. This light is God's knowing, His awareness of His all-inclusive perfection and goodness. It's when we come into line with the way God is seeing His universe, including man, that we see the flame. We see healing or a return of harmony to our life because, as we look out from the standpoint of light, the dark shadows of the ignorance of God's allness - disease, addiction, fear, lack - disappear.

It doesn't have to take time to see as God sees. It can come in a moment of pure yielding to God's allness and onliness. But if you're distracted by a pre-torch parade, be patient and still. Keep your mental eye trained on what you are waiting for. It will come. It is always at hand. It is as present as you are, for as God's emanation, you are the flame - the light of the Christ.

Surprisingly, our connection with social media may help keep this flame kindled, for far more than eight nights, years or even decades. Each year, I have been able to post on my social media pages on the anniversaries of monumental dates from the Holocaust, reminding those in my personal circle about the horrors of the Holocaust. Hashtags such as #neverforget circulate the internet. On this note, the 100 year anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz and the end of the war will occur in 2045, when present teenagers are the parents and major presences of society. When Holocaust survivors are no longer alive to share their tragic stories, it will be our obligation to share their stories and ideals.

To improve the location accuracy of the vision system of a space manipulator, a new hybrid improved moth-flame optimization based on a differential evolution with global and local neighborhoods algorithm (HIMD) is proposed to optimize the pose of a target relative to a camera. Firstly, the non-linear optimization model is established according to the imaging rule and space geometry transformation principle of the vision system. Secondly, the initial population of pose parameters is generated by the moth-flame optimization (MFO) algorithm, and the population is updated by the improved MFO (IMFO). Finally, the new population is crossed, mutated and selected by the differential evolution with global and local neighborhoods (DEGL) algorithm, the population is iterated and updated continuously and the optimum pose can be obtained. The proposed algorithm is applied to the precision test in the measurement system of a space manipulator. The experimental results show that the average synthetic errors are 2.67mm for chaotic harmony search algorithm (CHS), 1.80mm for differential evolution with particle swarm optimization (DEPSO), 2.94 mm for the particle swarm optimization and gravitational search algorithm (PSOGSA), 2.13 mm for the DEGL algorithm, 2.56 mm for the MFO algorithm and 0.53 mm for the HIMD algorithm. This means that the accuracy of the HIMD algorithm is about four times higher than that of the MFO, PSOGSA and CHS algorithm and about three times higher than that of the DEGL and DEPSO algorithms. Therefore, the HIMD algorithm is superior to the other five algorithms for the non-linear optimization model of the pose.

The rule is simple; its execution proves exceedingly difficult. Human observation and analysis prove mighty deceptive: A gulf may separate appearance and reality. The heir or the foundation which today displays fidelity to fundamentals may tomorrow succumb to false doctrine and expedience. In the true sense, therefore, the recipient also possesses obligations as a steward to live up to the trust reposed in him. If the settlor chooses carefully and with attention to principle and natural order, he has discharged his stewardship obligation to the best of his ability; there remains to the recipient a duty to carry on the flame in righteousness.

First, rely upon and repair to fundamental principles in harmony with natural law. Consistency and unrelenting order mark the universe; that same adherence to principle and method suggest the best chance of success.

The terms of this decision so far as material are as follows: "After notice and hearing, I determine that a fire hazard would not result from the exercise of- these licenses, provided that the following conditions are observed; and, therefore, order that the said licenses be approved, provided: That in addition to the restrictions embodied in the licenses granted by the City Council of Revere, the alteration, type and construction of all buildings, racks, platforms, structures, distances between tanks and buildings, the type, capacity and construction of all tanks, the construction of all piers and wharves, the capacity of dikes and construction of same, the fire prevention, fire extinguishment and fire protection equipment and forces, the ingress and egress, the water mains and water supply, the location of fire hydrants, hose and houses, the fire alarm system, the permanent roads, the steam and sewerage system, the sprinkler system, and the foamite, foamite generators and distribution system, shall be subject to the approval of the State Fire Marshal and the rules and regulations of the Department of Public Safety. That all tanks shall be of the standard gas tight type, equipped with lightning and flame arresters; and that the construction, use and maintenance of all tanks and containers shall be subject to the approval of the State Fire Marshal and the Department of Public Safety. That the handling and delivery of fuel oil to or from vessels shall be subject to the approval of the State Fire Marshal and the Department of Public Safety. That there shall be maintained within the plant an efficient plant fire brigade. This fire brigade shall be regularly inspected by the Chief of the Fire Department of the City of Revere who shall prescribe rules and regulations for the conduct and operation of said force. That there shall be no refining of petroleum products in any degree. That no storage tank shall be constructed within twelve hundred feet of Winthrop Avenue, seventeen hundred feet of Washburn Avenue, and fifteen hundred feet of Vinal Street. That there shall be devised an approved boom system of fire protection on the water of Chelsea River when vessels are docked and unloading. That the plans and

was for the sole purpose of having him pass upon the question whether the exercise of the licenses granted would constitute a fire or explosion hazard. It is apparent that the answer to this question in a particular case may depend upon the location, the precautionary measures adopted, the manner in which the license is to be exercised and perhaps upon other considerations. The inquiry by the marshal upon the appeal relates to the future and to the exercise of the licenses in connection with structures not erected. In Dascalakis v. Commonwealth, 244 Mass. 568, 570, the court said: "The words of statutes are to be interpreted in accordance with the common and approved usages of the language. A statute as a whole is to be construed so as to make it an effectual piece of legislation in harmony with common sense and sound reason." The title of St. 1930, c. 399, is- "An Act providing a uniform system of fire prevention throughout the commonwealth." It would hardly be assumed that the Legislature intended that the fire marshal should so perform his duty as to hamper or restrict the conduct of a legitimate business which had been licensed by the proper authority, except in so far as that result would follow from his decision as to precautions which should be taken to eliminate a fire or explosion risk in the exercise of the license. See Commonwealth v. Maletsky, 203 Mass. 241, 248; Goldstein v. Conner, 212 Mass. 57, 58. For the practical administration by the marshal of the duties of his office it would come fairly within the scope of the things he is authorized to do to state in advance the conditions under which the license might be exercised so as to be free from a fire hazard. This might fairly be inferred from the broad power given him to revoke for cause licenses which have been granted. In the case at bar both the local licensing authority and the fire marshal have decided that the business may be conducted consistently with the public safety if certain restrictions and conditions are observed. The final responsibility of deciding in a particular case whether the exercise of a license issued under 13 of the statute in the amended form would result in a fire hazard has been placed by the Legislature upon the 041b061a72


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