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Download Samsung Blu Ray Region Code Hack Free [CRACKED]

There are different ways to switch or remove regional codes on DVD players. DVD or Blu-Ray region coding can be removed from your player using a simple remote control code and other types of removal hacks to unlock the player. The methods below are proven to work with all players to play and watch any region code DVD or Blu-Ray.

Download Samsung Blu Ray Region Code Hack free

DISCLAIMER: These DVD region removal unlocks and hacks are not meant to break any laws or rules, they are meant to be used by (as an example) by US Military personnel that have Region 1 USA DVDs and need to be able to watch them for official purposes on a DVD player from another country while they are in that country. Do not use these codes and DVD region hacks to watch a DVD if you are not using a DVD player with a disc with a different region.

We have talked about Blu Ray and DVD regions a couple of times now, and the conclusion that we can easily have is that nobody likes this Blu-ray/DVD region thing. With the Blu Ray and DVD region restriction, you can only play a Blu Ray or DVD with the same region code as your Blu Ray or DVD player. If you accidentally buy a DVD that has a region code that doesn't match your player, then you're going to have to accept the fact that you are not able to play the disc on your machine without doing some extra works. This is really bothering, right? More than one friend of mine has asked me, "how do I make my Blu Ray player region free?" Well, today let's talk about how to make your Blu Ray player region free, or how to play a different region DVD without making your Blu Ray player region free. There are 3 solutions that I am going to introduce today, and I hope at least one of them can help you in your life

Making A Blu Ray player region free isn't something easy. The good news is, it is indeed possible to make your Blu Ray player region free through some technical procedures. I say it is possible because it's not guaranteed that you can hack your Blu-ray player to make it region free. Some Blu Ray player manufacturers leave a back door for removing the region code, while others don't allow users to heck their players at all.

The way to hack a Blu Ray player could be very different from model to model. Fortunately, there is a place where you can find exactly how to hack you are Blu-Ray player to make it region free, and that is the VideoHelp forum. Go to the forum, and then go to the DVD hack section. All you need to do is to type in the model of your DVD or Blu Ray player and then search for the hack exclusively for your model. If you are lucky enough, you will find very detailed instructions to unlock the region code for your player. Just follow the instructions and you should be able to make it within a couple of minutes.

The second solution that I am going to introduce today is to work on your disc instead of your machine. As you might already know, different DVD or Blu Ray players have different working mechanics, if you ask "how to make Samsung Blu ray region free" and "how to make lg Blu ray region free", you will certainly get different answers. It is really not easy to find a way to make you are Blu Ray player region free without learning the technical details of your Blu Ray player itself. If working on the Blu Ray player is so hard, why don't we jump out of the box and work our way out with a different approach? Why don't we move our sight from the machine to the disc? Making your disk region free is much easier than making your Blu Ray player region free, and you can achieve the same result which is making you your Blu-ray player play your Blu Ray disc successfully.

There are 2 approaches to remove the region code of your Blu Ray disc. If you only want to remove the region code, then you can use a DVD copy program to make a perfect copy of your Blu Ray disc, only without region code. This is the first approach that we're going to talk about. the second one, on the other hand, can not only make you obtain a Blu Ray disc copy without region code but also can make you have a digital version of your original movie. now let's talk about these 2 approaches separately. First, let's see how to make a perfect copy of your Blu Ray disc without the region code.

By following the instructions below, you will get yourself a perfect copy of your original Blu Ray disc, only without a region code, so that you can play the disc wherever you want. The program that you're going to use is this Leawo Blu-ray copy, which can make a perfect copy of any Blu Ray disc regardless the region and encryption of the desk. here is what you need to do.

Step 5: When you get everything set, click the green "Copy" button at the top right corner to call out the copy setting panel, where you have to set the output format, an optical disc, ISO file or folder, and the output directory. After that, click the "Copy" icon below to start copying and removing the region code.

Comparing to making a copy of your Blu Ray disc, ripping the disc to digital can give you more freedom of how to deal with your movie. You can save the digital file on your computer to just play it on your computer, or transfer it to other devices, or you can burn it to another disc, DVD or Blu Ray, to play it on any Blu Ray or DVD player. Of course, No matter it's the digital version you rip, or the DVD or Blu Ray you burn later, will not have any region code restriction.

The All-inclusive, all-region media player that I am going to introduce today is called Leawo Blu-ray Player. As the name suggests, you can play all kinds of Blu Ray or DVD material without worrying about the region code restriction or encryption protection. Not only can you play Blu-ray or DVD with this media player, but also all kinds of digital videos like MP4, MKV, AVI, MOV, BDMV and so many more. Leawo Blu-ray Player is 100% free and no malware attached, so you can be assured to install this media player in your computer as your primary player program.

If you have been wondering about how to make your Blu-ray player region free like so many others have, then I believe this post can help you with your problem. We introduced 3 different methods to help you play your Blu-ray successfully, and there must be one that fits you the best. Enjoy your movie!

A DVD region code limits a DVD to play in a matching player since the codes on DVD discs and machines vary around the world. For example, you can't play UK DVD discs in USA or watch Japanese DVD in US made DVD player/drive. DVD goes unplayable if you bring either DVD collection or DVD player alone with you when you move from United States to Australia. Or you bought a DVD which hasn't released in your country, but it can't be open in your DVD player. Usually, you'll get an disc error like "Incorrect Region", "Check Region Code" or "Error: Playing Of This Disc Prohibited By Area Limits is displayed on the DVD player". For that, you'll still be out of luck on DVD playback unless you change the region code on your DVD player.

Step 3. Go to DVD hack database. Enter your DVD player model and search for a DVD hack. Once you find a workable DVD hack, press it on your remote control and wait for the region code box to appear on-screen.

As mentioned above, DVD players or DVD drives are permanently locked after reaching the limits of changing zone locks. Some people may go to the VideoHelp site to ask help to make DVD player region-free, but not all DVD players can be changed to region-free successfully. Then how can you change region code on such DVD players? One solution is to request to dealer to reset your DVD player for more times to modify region code. But here we also want to introduce another workaround. That is removing region code from DVD completely to watch DVD on any media players instead of DVD players only. And this can be easily done with WinX DVD Ripper Platinum.

WinX DVD Ripper Platinum is definitely the easiest DVD ripper to unlock DVD region code in minutes. No matter what region your DVD disc is locked in, this program can easily bypass it and rip region-coded and copy-protected DVD to region-free and DRM-free MP4, MOV, MKV and other files without quality loss. Besides, region code, it supports to decrypt DVDs of other encryptions, covering CSS, RCE, Sony ArccOS, UoPs, Disney DRM and more advanced encryption schemes applied to newly released DVDs, old discs, multi-titles, or DVDs from Sony, Disney, Paramount etc.

Region code is used to stop the playing of one region's discs in another region. Your DVDs purchased from Japan can't be played directly in the United States. Because the region code for Japan is 2, whereas the US is 1. Then, what's the DVD region code, and how to remove region code from DVD? Read on to get more helpful info.

DVD region code, proposed by the eight major U.S. film companies, is a part of the DRM (Digital Rights Management) technique. It divides the world into 6 regions, and restricts that DVD discs circulating in each region must have a region code.

Besides region 1-6, Wikipedia also introduces the region 0, 7, 8, and ALL. Region 0 and ALL are region-free and compatible with any DVD player. To avoid users resetting DVDs to region-free, movie studios implemented a system called "Regional Coding Enhancement" (RCE) to refuse to play such DVD discs.

Most NTSC players can't view PAL DVDs, but PAL players generally merely ask for a region-free DVD player to play NTSC DVDs. Therefore, in NTSC countries like the USA, it is best to use a region-free, multi-standard player and multi-standard TV to open PAL DVDs.

The region code of the DVD drive can be changed 5 times. You can easily convert region 2 DVD to region 1, region 6 DVD to region 3, etc. This part will solve DVD region codes, how to bypass and unlock them by modifying the DVD playback region.

In addition to removing DVD region code, CSS, Sony ARccOS, etc., Cisdem Video Converter gives you even more benefits. It lets you batch or individually convert media files to MP4, MKV, MP3, iMovie, iTunes, iPad, etc. Moreover, it's able to download/edit videos and audio tracks.


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