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As part of its commitment to helping countries build sustainable, nutritious food systems, the World Bank is moving its livestock investments towards greater sustainability and climate-smart outcomes. All investments are designed with mitigation and adaptation in mind, and an average of 61% of livestock financing over the last three years is directly tied to climate co-benefits (up from 55% in the previous period).

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"If a man does not investigate into the matter of bushidō daily, it will be difficult for him to die a brave and manly death. Thus, it is essential to engrave this business of the warrior into one's mind well."

The bushido spirit exists in Japanese martial arts.[11] Modern bushido focuses more on self-defense, fighting, sports, tournaments and just physical fitness training. While all of these things are important to the martial arts, a much more important thing is missing, which is personal development. Bushido's art taught soldiers the important secrets of life, how to raise children, how to dress, how to treat family and other people, how to cultivate personality, things related to finances. All of these things are important to be a respected soldier. Although modern bushido is guided by eight virtues[citation needed], that alone is not enough. Bushido not only taught one how to become a soldier, but all the stages of life. The warrior described by bushido is not a profession but a way of life. It is not necessary to be in the army to be a soldier. The term "warrior" refers to a person who is fighting for something, not necessarily physically. Man is a true warrior because of what is in his heart, mind, and soul. Everything else is just tools in the creation to make it perfect. Bushido is a way of life that means living in every moment, honorably and honestly. All this is of great importance in the life of a soldier, both now and in the past.[116]

There was a case of a National Police Reserve (1950-1954) member who committed seppuku to apologize for being unable to become an ideal soldier.[120] This was a wasteful loss of life. Another example was a young squadron commander who failed an exercise due to repeating to attack rather than change tactics.[120] The pre-war Imperial Japanese Navy researcher Alexander Chiralfi said the Japanese mindset was subjective and had no interest to academically analyze unrelated maritime issues.[120] Subjective and short-sighted discussions don't yield wise strategies.[120] The ideal image of executives should change according to the times and strategic environment.[120] Thus the feudal bushido may not fit in a modern strategic environment and culture.[120] Critics argue the Meiji Army defeated the Qing and the Imperial Russian Army, not because of bushido, but because it was a professional military organization.[120] Therefore, Bushido should not become the values of the whole JSDF.[120] Rather the ideal image of JSDF executives should be defined to achieve national interests.[120]

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The role of this national policy organ has shifted several times since the Kan cabinet took over. In July, Kan indicated that he wanted it to function as an advisory organ to assist the prime minister on long-term policy questions. When Kan reshuffled his cabinet and appointed Genba Kōichirō minister of state for national policy, Genba announced that the National Policy Unit would function as originally envisioned. Then, in October, Kan indicated that the unit would take on both functions, that is, formulating major national policies and setting guidelines for the budget, as originally envisioned, as well as advising the prime minister on long-term policy. With this in mind, the unit was expanded in late October. But whether it can function effectively in accordance with this blueprint has yet to be seen. 350c69d7ab


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