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Instagram Will Start Blurring ?sensitive Photos In Feeds __TOP__

The Facebook-owned social network will soon begin blurring out photos and videos it deems "sensitive," so you don't have to see them in your feed or on someone's profile, unless you want to. The blurry screen will be placed over content that was reported by someone and confirmed to be "sensitive" by a member of Instagram's review team, but does not necessarily violate Instagram's policies.

Instagram will start blurring ‘sensitive’ photos in feeds

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As part of a new update, Instagram may add a blurred filter over photos that the community has deemed "sensitive." These photos don't necessarily break Instagram's rules, though. Instead, if a user reports the photo or video, and an Instagram staffer confirms it's "sensitive," the screen will go up.

This does not necessarily mean that users now have the right to post any kind of photo or video on the platform. Certain photos will still be disallowed and they will probably be blurred if they are controversial. By word, this means that Instagram is making its censorship policies even more strict. This is due to the fact that it will probably continue to block certain posts yet blurring those with a controversial aspect.

While we understand that the 12-year-olds and weird dads of Insta may not want to see lots of skin at every turn--or do they?--we can't help but wonder: isn't determining what is "sensitive" a dangerously subjective position? And didn't we just work through a similar issue with YouTube's "Restricted Mode"? Time will only tell if Instagram creates itself a whole new set of problems by blurring certain semi-nude bodies, while allowing others to remain fully exposed.

But nowadays, people are purposely posting blurry photos to infuse their personal feeds with a certain essence. Rather than serving "poor quality photo" vibes, intentionally posted blurry photos serve "I'm having too much fun and living life so fast that a camera can't even capture me" vibes. Blurry photos are aspirational in a sense, and a reminder to let loose in front of the camera sometimes and embrace life's candid moments. Whether blurry photos are intentional or accidental, the decision to post them on social media has become deliberate, so I've started calling them "plurry photos" (planned + blurry) or "plurries" for short.

Instagram on Thursday said that as part of its continued goal of building a safe environment, it will soon blur out sensitive photos and videos as you scroll through your feed or visit a user's profile.

What exactly constitutes "sensitive content" isn't clear, nor do we know if users will be able to disable the use of sensitive content filters in the settings menu. Furthermore, we don't know exactly when the content filters will appear in users' feeds.

Instagram is perfect for visual-based information and research. Eye-catching images, colorful graphics, and high-quality videos (warning: can only be 1 minute or shorter) are sure to do well on this platform; feeds with these types of posts are very likely to gain traction. On the other hand, this is not the platform for posts with excessive text, blurry or low-quality photos, or irrelevant graphics. If the majority of what you want to share is text-based, consider taking a look at how to start one of the other numerous social media platforms.


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