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Buy Limar Ultralight Plus Fixed

currently, there are far more helmets on the market than was the case in the days of yore; some are pricey, some less so and one manufacturer that has made great strides in recent times is italy's limar helmets. i have featured limar's ultralight plus helmet in a previous review, an item that the manufacturer promoted as 'the world's lightest', a claim i always thought was likely to make them more of a target for their competitors. the air pro and air master editions reviewed here, in my opinion, are several levels of excellent above their predecessor, with regards to style, ventilation and fit.

buy limar ultralight plus

whenever a manufacturer or distributor offers to send a helmet for review, rather obviously, i have to let them know what size would be suitable. in some cases this is eased by the existence of only small-medium, or medium-large. the majority of adults (self-included), will be in the latter category. limar, offer a choice of medium or large in both the helmets reviewed here; i opted for medium, fervently hoping that this would still allow me the necessary luxury of wearing a casquette beneath their hardshell colours. it did.

limar are helmet sponsors of the astana world tour team and both the helmets featured here are worn by members of that team. i opted for the team colours in the air pro and lime green in the air master, though the latter can also be acquired in team colours, if you wish. weighing in at 240g for the medium version, the air master is designed to be compact, aerodynamic, yet with sufficient ventilation to allow for a cool head. the retention system is really no different from that featured on any comparable modern helmet; the web straps thread through the molded polystyrene construction, while a dial on the rear of the adjustable cage allows the wearer to have the helmet grip their head as tightly as comfort will allow. both worked precisely as expected.

sadly, my honed physique is less speedy than it once was, so i'm not in any position to decide whether the wind-tunnel tested aerodynamics brought me home any faster than usual. and short of throwing myself over the handlebars, or finding a volvo to avoid, i cannot truthfully attest to the veracity of the promised protection. but that goes for every helmet and probably every helmet reviewer. suffice it to say, its construction is impeccable, while the comfort and ventilation never gave cause for concern. the style that predicates the modern breed of aero road helmets is often open to debate; some verge on the demonstrably hideous. thankfully, limar obviously have more perspicacious designers, meaning there is little need to hide within the grupetto to save face.

the air pro is unarguably limar's flagship helmet in style, construction and weight, being some ten grammes lighter than the air master. its form emulates that which most of us would expect from a helmet, featuring a total of twenty air vents and molded inner channels to maintain not only a coolness of image, but a pragmatic and simultaneous cooling of the head. though islay was not on the receiving end of the temperatures experienced in the deep south, it was warm enough to allow comparison between the cooling properties of the two options on review. though wearing a cap underneath is probably always going to skew any proper appreciation, my vote for ventilation rests squarely with the air pro.

the internal construction of the pro differs from that of the master, by the inclusion of carbon fibre co-molded within the expanded polystyrene. this provides a stronger cage than seen on the master, while allowing the weight to be minimised. once again, there is the ubiquitous dialled ratchet system to tailor the helmet to your head, allied to the integrated, adjustable webbing to keep the whole edifice firmly in place. limar also reckon the air pro to be 20% more aerodynamically efficient than the ultralight plus mentioned at the outset. 041b061a72


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