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Hi Brenda,My spiritual download was unexpected, like the chills that run over peoples head accasionally. Mine ran all through my body all the way to my legs, and it just came down so quickly and kept going for about 15min I think? I literally am taken back when this happens. I am usually helping friends with problems or reading oracle cards. I stopped and waited to hear something that might tell what was happening but I heard nothing and still unsure what was going on and was I to do something? To date no one has experienced this download, and i feel more alone with pychic group I attend every monday, now for some reason than ever before. People just don,t want to be close to me.. what do I do?I have had the download happen before in the middle of the street when I was trying to console a long time friend who was crying, and i just could not beleive the energy that was pouring down , still have no answers as to what this is.. hoping you could help me.

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A few weeks ago I experienced something that doctors can not figure out what happened. A friend of mine told me that I was being downloaded by God or spirit. I was sitting in my truck and felt an enormous wave of energy. Immediately after that, within 1/2 a second it started pouring rain and within a half second after that I was paralyzed. That lasted, what it seemed minutes. I started forcing my jaw to move and I became, like serious vertigo, with a extreme taste of metal and became ill. My friend called the ambulance and they did mri, ct scan, x-rays and blood work, and the doctors could not find anything going on anywhere in my body. Next they want me to go to a neurologist. What do you feel, please?

I believe thats when i get a download its after i experience some type of deep pain! Say like earlier i seen 2 videos on tiktok about whats going on in iran, and when i see things like this going on around the world i cant help it not to cry because i feel this pain so deep it hurts in my soul! I dont know if am explaining my self right! My point is that after i experience that pain i start questioning everything thats going on! I want answers, i want to understand why!! Well earlier i received a download and wasnt sure it was one until i tried telling my daughter about it! I began by asking her, momma do you know whats a download? And than my mind was blank!! I tried n tried to remember that download, and nothing!! But thanks to you guys comments i know now, to write it down asap! Thank you!

Throughout his years as one of the most infamous pirates of the Caribbean, Captain Jack Sparrow embarked on many adventures. He was captain of the Black Pearl for two years, during which time he searched for the Shadow Gold. But when he was going after the treasure of Isla de Muerta, Jack lost the Pearl in a mutiny led by his first mate, Captain Hector Barbossa. Ten years later, with the help of Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann, Jack retrieved the Black Pearl, upon having killed the cursed Barbossa, thereby becoming its captain once again. Captain Sparrow soon sought to seize the Dead Man's Chest, to settle his debt with Davy Jones, which ended with both captain and ship being taken to Davy Jones' Locker by the Kraken. Following a desperate quest to rescue Sparrow from the Locker led by the resurrected Hector Barbossa, the Brethren Court convened in one last stand against Lord Cutler Beckett, who had control over Davy Jones and the Flying Dutchman, which led to a pirate showdown with the East India Company. Jack later sailed on stranger tides during the quest for the fabled Fountain of Youth. Forced aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge, Sparrow must contend with the notorious Blackbeard, his beautiful daughter Angelica, zombies, mermaids, and a rendezvous with Barbossa. Later, pursued by the malicious Captain Salazar and a crew of deadly ghosts who escaped from the Devil's Triangle, a down-on-his-luck Captain Jack sought to reverse his recent spate of ill fortune by finding the Trident of Poseidon. In an uneasy alliance with Henry Turner, who sought to free his cursed father Will, and Carina Smyth, a brilliant astronomer and Barbossa's daughter, Sparrow was able to find the Trident and defeat Salazar.

Jack took an entirely new crew, and he spent much of his time plundering merchantmen out of Jamaica. Though he was hardly the most infamous pirate on the Spanish Main, he did make a good name for himself in and around Port Royal, even going as far to find a local treasure of legend, belonging to none other than the local tavern keeper's late grandfather (the innkeeper urged Jack to find it and keep it for himself).[28]

I could pray and trick with a double tongue, but the only fool here's meI choose the way to go, but the road won't set me freeCos I wish you'd see me, baby, save me, I'm going crazyTryin' to keep us real, keep us alive

Upon starting the Super Civic Quest, players are asked to join the team of one of five eccentric and distinct characters: Jack the Urban Woodsman, Mitch the Zombie Salesman, Teeny the college coed Monster, Aiko the Ninja, or Cesar the Luchador. Players are then asked to hunt through an impressive array of partner sites: expanding beyond the Facebook-YouTube-Twitter social media triumvirate, puzzle content has infiltrated sites like Pandora, Yelp, FailBlog, Foodily, I Can Has Cheezburger, and The Daily Monster. Custom microsites ask players to wear an augmented reality Luchador mask, download ringtones, monitor an online security camera, and read an eBook.


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