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Girls Forever (282) Mp4

The first twelve seasons of Degrassi: The Next Generation are available on DVD in Region 1, with season one through four also available in Region 4.[1] Episodes are also available digitally: MTV Canada and TeenNick stream episodes on their websites; registered users of the Canadian and US iTunes Stores are able to purchase and download episodes for playback on home computers and certain iPods;[2] episodes are also available for download from Puretracks in Canada. All episodes are available to stream on YouTube in countries outside the U.S. and Canada. The episodes are in a Windows Media 10 file and the purchaser owns them forever, although the episodes can only be burned onto a disc three times and copied to a device three times.[3][4] Additionally, every episode is available on the Xbox Live Marketplace in the US.[5]

Girls Forever (282) mp4

. It helps in other ways, too. Now we all need to get ready in our best party clothes! Sally excitedly grabbed Tamikas hand and pulled her to the bedroom. . 3. end-stop ____ 75. autocracy. The book contained about fifty of the most popular rhymes children recite today, such as Jack and Jill and Little Tommy Tucker. The Mother Goose name was now recognized around the world. A 7. Fill in the circle under the picture that shows how the bear knows that winter is coming. . B 10. . People wondered if elephants could paint because of their intelligence and trunk control. Which picture shows how the bear knows when winter is coming? Also, beavers can swim. . hate ____ 65. discord . Very well, said the fisherman. A man walked up to meet them. C the squirrels scamper higher into the trees. B Sally puts on a crown. B their back feet are webbed. . .sophisticated ____ 31. laugh . The tiger opened his huge mouth, showing off his sharp teeth. These students may struggle with grade-level text and will need ample preteaching and reteaching of core content. go ____ 55. timid . . B Printers in France were forbidden to publish Mother Goose. needed Phonics Survey, Oral Reading Fluency, Informal Reading Inventory, Inventories of Developmental Spelling, Critchlow Verbal Language Scale, DIBELS Next TPRI Note: Assessment descriptions can be found in the Assessment Handbook for . What do you want to do first? Tamika asked. Placement and Diagnostic Assessment Comprehension Test Grade 4 275 Which picture shows where a bear likes to sleep for the winter? . The experienced elephants painted flowers, trees, and elephant heads. . . D Think ahead to best prepare for a situation. Look at the pictures. . . B 4. This assessment requires students to accurately decode words, to apply their knowledge of vocabulary, and to use critical reading strategies that aid in the literal and inferential comprehension of what is read. Copyright McGraw-Hill Education Reading Comprehension Grades K6 Elephant Artists The artist studies the canvas before applying the next stroke of paint. 0000001413 00000 n . . When finished, the canvas displayed flowers and trees against a blue sky. . Phonic Reading Lessons: Skills and Practice, Older Beginning Readers - Phonic Books Adventure/Fantasy, Sound Out and Phonic Books Reading Kits and Workbooks, Word ID: Assessment Across the Content Areas, Contains a collection of formal and informal reading assessments for grades K-12, Uses short, quick and reliable tests, the results are immediate, Each assessment measures an important research-based reading skill, Assessments can be administered individually, Easy-to-follow instructions are given for the administration and scoring of each test along with reproducible record forms, Spanish assessments are included for the early grades, where the students may be in bilingual programs, Profile Forms and Class Records found in the Appendix provide an easy way for teachers to summarize assessment results, San Diego Quick Assessment of Reading Ability. . Best selling, research-based resources for effective reading instruction and assessment. 5. Mark your answers. Historians agree that the book was intended to be read by wealthy adults, though. 0000000015 00000 n C Beth knows that Silas will knock Jenna over. Copyright McGraw-Hill Education Placement and Diagnostic Assessment Comprehension Test Grade 4 277 D lighthouse keepers lost their jobs when people stopped sailing. Elephants also have great strength. %PDF-1.6 D Bragging can hurt your friends and friendships. . Copyright McGraw-Hill Education Answer Key GRADE 5 1. Both girls frantically darted away to avoid the heavily-caked brown paws and slinging mud. . tame ____ 6. dirty . . . (LogOut/ C 15. 0000002753 00000 n . Critchlow Verbal Language Skills by Cathy Jan 28, 2011 Is anyone familiar with the Critchlow Verbal Language Skills Assessment (aka the Dos Amigos Verbal Language Scales)? He was looking for Aunt Jazzy. Build a site and generate income from purchases, subscriptions, and courses. This assessment requires students to accurately decode words, to apply their knowledge of vocabulary, and to use critical reading strategies that aid in the literal and inferential comprehension of what is read. 636 0 obj Wilson gave the money to a group of people who helped soldiers. . D It will prove that Phaeton is the strongest of his friends. The title was an important event in literature for two reasons. . Copyright McGraw-Hill Education AB C 4. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Special Service Provider Effectiveness Evaluation, Words Their Way-Orthographic phonological errors, Core Phonics with CCSS Grade Level Expectations and Interpreting Guide, LETRS Morphological Awareness assessment (root cause), Words Their Way Primary Spelling Inventory (root cause), Words Their Way Elementary spelling inventory (root cause), Words Their Way Upper Level spelling (root cause), Words Their Way spelling inventory guide (root cause). They set the date for February 19, 2005. Others have lived on the lawn, in the garden, or even in the garage. . . . 38 terms. Change). D the fox says he is king of the forest animals. Cillesha. In anguish, the people and animals on Earth pleaded for relief from the extreme heat and burning destruction. defeat ____ 16. near . . . . 0 Point to the square. . Aunt Jazzy smiled and nodded. . . D Beavers can live in a river bank hole or a pile of sticks in the water. Tamika got out the paper and crayons and helped Sally make invitations. In an instant, the fisherman was no longer a king with a castle. Some early experiments convinced the owners of the Maesa Elephant Camp in Thailand that elephants could be excellent painters. . Copyright McGraw-Hill Education Reading Comprehension Grades K6 1 What is the theme of this story? . Placement and Diagnostic Assessment Comprehension Test Grade 5 281 . A White House pets stayed inside. So beavers swim under the water to get inside. C prefers the country. . . A a bear B a goose C an otter D an alligator 10 Adams let his pet loose because he A wanted to give it exercise. . At that time, few people could read or write. A Families work together. . While Tamika was not old enough to baby-sit, she sometimes went to help take care of Sally if the parents were home and needed to focus on something else. cry ____ 69. superfluous . . The words on this assessment are arranged in increasing order of difficulty. . A 3. 6. Here is the story. Most bears live in the mountains or the forest. None From Dos Amigos Verbal Language Scales Spanish Arena Press 20 Commercial Blvd. . . The teachers in this study were trained on how to use . . . Finally, a beaver has lots of fat under its skin. Flashcards Review terms and definitions Learn Focus your studying with a path Test Take a practice test Match Get faster at matching terms Created by Maria_Fernandez54TEACHER Terms in this set (25) false true love hate heavy light tight loose after before laugh cry smooth 4. The tiger rushed at the fox with a fierce roar and jumped on the smaller animal. . The man told them he would like a bouquet of fresh flowers. Feeling dizzy, he dropped the reins and the fierce horses veered off course. A 6. Have the child look at page 252. . . . B Apollo wants to punish the people on Earth. Jenna shook her head. . Hello, may I help you? asked Mayas mom. . C 5. Maria_Fernandez54. A rinse off B go swimming C feed the animals D give Silas a bath 282 Placement and Diagnostic Assessment Comprehension Test Grade 5 Reading Comprehension Grades K6 Copyright McGraw-Hill Education Directions Give the child a copy of the Comprehension Test. 14 According to the article, the painting of the younger elephants is different from the older elephants because A the older elephants mostly paint designs. Jenna was a little surprised that she had slept so late because she was usually an early morning riser. Using the Critchlow Verbal Language Scale, stduents correctly identified 32 opposites of given words. Word ID: Assessment Across the Content Areas, 8125-8 Dos Amigos Verbal Language Scales (An English-Spanish Aptitude Test) R. Teschner, Donald E. Critchlow; Linguistics. Jenna slipped on her sandals and tossed a silver chain around her neck before leaving the room. I plan to work at home three days a week while Sally is home this summer. Sit down, Silas, Beth called out firmly, as she tried to halt the filthy dogs approach. . . stream . Yet the fox was a very smart animal. Reading Comprehension Grades K6 8 Which is the BEST summary statement of this article? However, the raccoon seemed to be tame, so Coolidge kept it. . . 7 Which word BEST describes Tamika at the end of the story? This means Now I am going to read some stories. Have the child look at page 258. 5. /H [ 868 225 ] open ____ 49. public . . We took a picnic to the park and fed the ducks. It will give me something to do. Mrs. Bryan met Tamika at the door. However, most beavers build their homes in the middle of the water. Explain to students that this test will help you find their instructional reading levels so that they can enjoy reading and build their reading skills. Fill in the circle under the picture that shows something that happens at the beginning of the story. Alert. back ____ 41. difficult. Thats me and you! he said. A minute later, the bell jingled. Instead, rays from the sun charge batteries which power the lighthouse. 5 0 obj First, beavers are much bigger. . . Then water cannot get inside. They use mud to hold them together. cheap ____ 13. dead . . Vocabulary Grades K6 Critchlow Verbal Language Scale Name: Grade: Date: Directions: Ask the student to say the opposite of each word. . It was not until 1697 that the name Mother Goose was actually printed on the cover of a book. When the cards were done, Sally ran to her bedroom to deliver them to her guests. Fill in the circle under the picture that shows where a bear likes to sleep. Welcome, Phaeton! greeted Apollo. Inventory, Critchlow Verbal Language Scale, Critchlow Spanish Verbal Language Scale, Assessment of Reading Comprehension, Some Assessment available in Spanish . Turn me loose at once! . AB C 8. full ____ 53. victory. Reading Comprehension Grades K6 Copyright McGraw-Hill Education You are just a little fox, the tiger growled. different Score: /75 Permission granted by ATP Assessments and Arena Press, publishers of Assessing Reading: Multiple Measures ( 246 Placement and Diagnostic Assessment Critchlow Verbal Language Scales Some bears catch and eat fish from the rivers. This time Guinness awarded a record for The Most Expensive Painting by a Group of Elephants. The painting was divided into two sections. . . . . A Tamika will go home. However, being on the sea at night or during a storm was dangerous. The younger elephants painted with strokes, lines, and dots. February 1999, Academic Therapy Pubns. I totally forgot what it was like to be on the farm, especially after it has rained. I want one that reaches up to the sun! That is not possible, said the fish. A 4 minutes B 15 minutes C 40 minutes D as long as they want 264 Placement and Diagnostic Assessment Comprehension Test Grade 2 . . Mrs. Bryan entered the room and exclaimed, What a nice tea party! Reading Comprehension Grades K6 Copyright McGraw-Hill Education We are happy to have you visit today, Ms. Wilson, the man said. D Using someone elses power often hurts others. WHY Comprehension is the ultimate goal of reading. . . This favored pet attended government meetings with Harding. . . A Sleeping Beauty, a fairy tale B Little Boy Blue, a nursery rhyme C The Alphabet Song, a childrens song D I Caught a Fish Alive, a nursery rhyme and childrens song 12 Based on what you read, what most likely happened to Mother Goose books soon after 1730? The Common European Framework of Reference for language teaching, learning, and assessment (CEFR) provides a guideline for English teaching aids and curriculum development in language courses. . . They are able to grasp a single blade of grass with their flexible trunks. . I have come to find out if it is true. Indeed, you are my son, responded Apollo. 6. I was wondering about research validating it for vocabulary strength/weakness in English-speaking only students. Silas gave a final joyous bark and leapt towards Beth and Jenna. A Readers became less and less interested in Mother Goose. . If Sally gets hungry, would you please make a sandwich and cut up an apple for her? Tamika nodded and said, I can stay as long as you need me. Then she turned to Sally. I wish for a castle, said the fisherman. Read each passage and answer the questions that follow. It was Apollo! He took his aunt by the hand and pulled her quickly toward the room. 8. . . When fall comes, the weather gets colder. Fill in the circle under the picture. Just like many families, they often have pets. . . . He boldly entered the palace and saw a regal being that radiated a fiery light. Others had shallow water filled with jagged rocks. So the fish granted the fishermans last wish. . B 10. The future of the foxs life seemed very clear. . Reading Comprehension Grades K6 Copyright McGraw-Hill Education 5 The evidence in the text gives you reason to believe that A lighthouse keepers were not serious about their jobs. When given an assessment at his frustrational level, grade 5, which focused on reading and decoding, . C Expensive things are not always better. D 14. Lighthouses were found along the coast. Sams mouth dropped open. Then you have to get all dressed up, set the table, and make the food. Placement and Diagnostic Assessment Comprehension Test Grade 4 271 Real Estate Chp. I can prove to you that I am king of the forest animals. Seeing that the tiger did not totally believe him, the fox spoke again. The top room was called the lantern room. It had glass windows that allowed the light to shine out to sea. . . . 4 What happens when Silas leaps towards the girls? Placement and Diagnostic Assessment Comprehension Test Grade 2 259 Sighing, Apollo transferred the flaming crown to Phaetons head. Like this book? Have children read the passages and answer questions 18 independently. . sister ____ 43. wild . . . . 2 Why does Beth get a pair of rain boots for Jenna? jlB\b]r%!F0N 2g@vNceL)3jzhNcX?I"efF Maria_Fernandez54. The elephants worked for six hours. During his presidency, President Coolidge was given geese, a wallaby, lion cubs, a bear, and a raccoon. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. The horses galloped closer to Earth, pulling the fiery chariot. They can grow up to four feet long. . hurry ____ 27. love . Circle the picture. The land was reduced to glowing ashes and blistering hot sand. D Mother Goose was read in English-speaking countries. . . . 9 What pet did John Quincy Adams have? . Which picture best shows how the two families feel about each other? . . B There is no tea at the tea party. . . Our mobile site works way better when you have JavaScript enabled. bold-brave ____ 18. north. D It is during the week, so Mrs. Bryan had to make phone calls. Circle the picture. B 11. . Beavers know they must find a place to hide. The Revised 2nd Edition of Assessing Reading: Multiple Measures contains the same assessments as the 2nd edition. Thats you! Sam laughed. Maya and Sam were happy with the work they had done. B sailors often avoided sailing at night or during storms. . . /Prev 514852 . Reading Comprehension Grades K6 Copyright McGraw-Hill Education Calvin Coolidge was known for his love of animals. Placement and Diagnostic Assessment Comprehension Test Grade 3 265 . President Warren Harding had a dog named Laddie Boy. . C People finally found out who Mother Goose was. Results indicated that Junior was able to complete the objectives of this assessment where he was asked to say the opposite of each word . . I am the king of the forest animals! The tiger bowed down in front of the fox. Save. Of course, most of the pets were dogs and cats. The teeth on both animals never stop growing. In sorrow, he declared that the sun would never rise again. . increase ____ 30. after . /Info 633 0 R . D 8. Apollo, still grieving, knew his duty, so he called for a new chariot to be built. . 9 !/c;}h"JqOos}O@dz%^GlGC4>&(l:KdAGANe[vHCQ5q @Vskt ir Em$q'c. On February 19, 2005, an even bigger crowd visited the Maesa Elephant Camp. 2 What evidence from the text shows that Sam and Aunt Jazzy care about each other? Dos Amigos Verbal Language Scales. Copyright McGraw-Hill Education 254 Placement and Diagnostic Assessment Comprehension Test Grade K As the chariot crossed the continent of Africa, it torched the great Sahara Forest. 6 When did keepers burn the lights? He was searching for something to eat. As you can see, I speak the truth, the fox boldly stated. d4l!'^cSmkZu o(Qh^+?yEg22pK=/gGfVewBKaI>n'8J8(v"^$y6 . %PDF-1.4 C The Mother Goose books were popular with adults in 1697. stream They were especially necessary in the early history of the United States. . . C they have fat under their skin. Academic Therapy Publications, Incorporated, 1972 - Education, Bilingual - 47 pages. Maya and Sam were best friends. B hoped it would swim in the bathtub. Before long Sam and Aunt Jazzy were walking along the sidewalk. There are a total of 75 words, but we stopped at 43 words since they could not identify five consecutive opposite words. . Critchlow Verbal Language Scale (3 of 3) 25 terms. Beth finally noticed Jennas shoes. C. grapes; and additionally, 1. D Tamika could not find the tea. . 1975; 4. This is my favorite, Aunt Jazzy said with a smile. . weak ____ 72. clergy . C Apollo wants to punish Phaeton for being too proud. 3 How is the setting important to the story? A She is angry at Silas. . Even with the boots on, the girls were careful to step around the biggest mud puddles that dotted the yard. . Thanks. . 0000001432 00000 n The books title was Mother Gooses Fairy Tales. . Here is the story. Mark your answers. The bear climbs in and goes to sleep for the winter. . enemy ____ 3. front . Go to page 256. %PDF-1.3% D 5. . . All beavers live near rivers or small lakes. . 10 terms. . . A angry B puzzled C surprised D unhappy Placement and Diagnostic Assessment Comprehension Test Grade 2 261 Administration instructions have been clarified, and the general presentation of the content, including the assessments, has been improved. The older animals that had more experience painted with precise movements. . . . . Then he took it for a ride on the elevator to get to Archies bedroom! Teachers are welcome to read and post on Teachers.Net. Her son-in-law, a publisher, recorded them and printed the verses in a book called The Only True Mother Goose. . laity ____ 35. evening. true ____ 64. loiter . . . . On Saturday morning, the four of them rode the bus together to the shop. Copyright McGraw-Hill Education Placement and Diagnostic Assessment Comprehension Test Grade K 253 . . In the spring, the bear will wake


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