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Whole Lotta Blues Songs Of Led Zeppelin Rar !!HOT!!

While these back-to-back ballads catapulted Whitesnake to worldwide stardom, they also alienated some longtime fans who pined for the band's blues-rock sound of yesteryear. (Coverdale told Redbeard he "got tired of seeing myself on MTV" and called this era "the only time ... that I'd embraced a fashion presentation, as opposed to being stylized in what I do.") But fans of the band's hard-rock heyday should have found plenty to love outside Whitesnake's three tentpole songs.

Whole Lotta Blues Songs Of Led Zeppelin Rar

Its AWESOME setlist!!!! Thats whole lotta different zeppelin then we "know". Total different aproach, that would just lighten things up. If I could go back in time and somehow manage to visit such a show, with such a setlist, I know I would feel the same... and prolly literally WET my pents on the spot while being there (Well they could play whatever jodling ukulele song and I would wet myself cos I see Led Zep, but thats another story).

That, along with the rise of Van Halen, punk and the NWOHM bands, and a cultural shift away from long self-indulgent solos and towards a more propulsive, energized concert experience, led me to focus on the more recent albums, and the more hard-driving riff-based songs from the older albums. No more hoary white-boy-blues jams.

^^They probably would never do it w/those two songs, dallas knebs, but that whole alternating songs and exploring their catalogue notion is interesting isnt it. Fans would be wondering...which one will they play ya know. When i saw jimmy page in 88, the radio djs were talking about how at some shows he was playing train kept a rollin and some shows not. He did play train kept a rollin, at the show i saw, so of course that was cool.


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