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FCE Use of English 2 by Virginia Evans: How to Use the Book, the Teacher's Book, and the Digibooks App

* the read, write, speak series (second edition by cecile thorsen and paul telander, 1992) includes a brief history of the attempt to write a textbook for beginning esl. it includes a chapter on "assessing a learner's ability to read," with numerous tables and reproducible worksheets, as well as a chapter on "assessing a learner's ability to write." the text's chapter on grammatical and syntactical errors is based on the work of f. susan raynes-gonzalez ( language arts , may, 1993, pp. 580-586 ).

fce Use of English 2 by Virginia Evans Teachers Book 15

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* noel macrae has written two books on teaching vocabulary for beginning esl: the teaching and learning of english vocabulary: a guide to teaching and assessing english vocabulary in elementary and middle school (prentice hall, 1989) and vocabulary in the classroom: a guided language assessment approach (prentice hall, 1993). although teachers who have tried the teaching/assessment approach in macrae's books will appreciate this book, i think it will be of most interest to researchers. writing and language editors janet feuer and barbara morris have edited the teaching of english vocabulary , which contains a wealth of information on teaching vocabulary in elementary and middle schools. the most useful thing about the teaching of english vocabulary is that macrae lists teachers of english as a second language who have used his approach in their schools. macrae also provides "a list of vocabulary terms that must be taught early in e.s.l. classes" (p. 61) and a further list of words "that should be emphasized in the early instruction of students who are learning english" (p. 63).


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