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Yule Shoot Your Eye Out Beer Where To Buy

Texas-based brewery, Karbach Brewing Company, was founded in 2011 and named for its location on Karbach street in Houston's Spring Branch Neighborhood. The company recently completed renovations to expand their brewhouse which also included an on-site restaurant. Take a tour of the company, hang out in the Biergarten, or grab a bite to eat in the 185 seating indoor restaurant. Karbach Brewing Company live up to their saying where "it's all about the beer."

yule shoot your eye out beer where to buy

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The breweries give people a place to gather and even celebrate no matter what the occasion. Some breweries even release their own specialty beers for holidays, like Shiner's "Holiday Cheer" and Karbach's "Yule shoot your eye out."

For this collaboration, Libertine Brewing Co. trucked their Wild Sour Stout to Seven Stills in San Francisco, where it was distilled, aged in new American oak, and finished in Libertine's sour-beer barrels. // Seven Stills, 1439 Egbert Ave Unit C (Bayview/Hunters Point),

Fieldwork head brewer Alex Tweet described this new release as "smooth as velvet and as roasty as your morning cup of joe. Cocoanut ushers heaps of hand-toasted coconut down the aisle where it meets its perfect match, chocolate." It is available as a growler at select tap houses, including Fieldwork in Berkeley. // Fieldwork Brewing Co, 1160 Sixth St. (Berkeley), 041b061a72


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