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[S2E7] The Scorning After ((NEW))

The Carina case resonated with Rosie after he discovered why Tanya blew him off for their date night. Tanya herself has experienced domestic violence from her ex-husband. He most likely discovered Tanya moved on with her life and threatened to kill her if she didn't come back to him.

[S2E7] The Scorning After

Garland notes how satisfying this is for Carey and how it shows how good can be done by Correction. Napier returns and his suspicion of manipulation by Garland goes unsaid until he begins acting furiously. Napier calls her for faking his cancer diagnosis due to her wanting to take control of his operation, but Garland confirms that something had to be done after the "s*** show" that he made of it. As Garland and Napier argue over her actions and his failures, Carey overrides the interview with a new script that exposes the existence of deepfake use by the British intelligence services.

It seems Isaac Turner will benefit from the exposure too as he appears to have had his innocence of some of his recent actions exposed, while justice has also been served in getting revenge on who killed DI Patrick Flynn after he tried to protect Gregory Knox (unaware of his complicity).

An assassination attempt is made on Fitz's life, which almost kills him. As a result, Sally takes over as President, much to Cyrus' dismay. After surviving, Fitz decides to get a divorce, which Mellie tries to avoid by somehow convincing her OB/GYN to induce her labour 4 weeks early. Huck is arrested for the attempted assassination after being framed by his girlfriend Becky. After David helps Huck go free, Huck, Olivia and her team trick Becky to show up at the hospital where she is arrested. Fitz finds out that Verna was behind the assassination and kills her. At the funeral, he reveals to Olivia that he doesn't want a divorce as he is devastated after learning about the rigging from Verna.

The second arc focuses on finding the mole who is leaking classified information from the White House. Olivia and the team investigate the case after figuring out that the CIA Director's suicide was actually a murder. Olivia gets to know Captain Jake Ballard, who works with the leader of B613, Rowan, who orders Jake to get close to Olivia. At the end of the season, Mellie gives Fitz an ultimatum, either he becomes loyal to her, or she goes on national television and reveals Fitz's affair with Olivia. Fitz chooses Olivia, which makes Mellie reveal the affair. Fitz announces his re-election campaign.

That's evident after the failed Specters attack on the witch Reina Miti (Sasha Frost) last episode. Lyra and Will realize that the witches aren't safe in this world, which opens up an episode-long debate between them over whether the witches are helping or hindering their ability to find Will's father. Serafina herself realizes the danger the witches face in this world but still believes her duty to Lyra requires her to stay by the girl's side.

But the Magisterium has already found them. Having lost his balloon in the crash, Lee and Jopari are heading west on foot when they're shot at by Magisterium soldiers. They start running, but Lee quickly gets hit in the ankle. Since he can no longer outrun them, Lee decides to stay and fight while Jopari escapes to find the knife bearer. Brave to the end, all that Lee requires is that Jopari make sure Lyra comes under the knife's protection. Jopari promises and takes his leave after one last look at the doomed aeronaut, who's intent on going down fighting.

What ensues is two parental reunions, but neither one of them ends happily. As Specters attack Reina again, Lyra wakes in shock to find her mother's face instead of Will's. And Will and his father are in for their own shock as they meet again after so long apart. The former John Parry can foresee so much, but he's stunned when he comes face to face with his son and realizes that he is the knife bearer. Reassuming his role as Will's father, John fears for his long-lost wife until Will confirms she's safe. But once Will sees his father's daemon, he understands that his father's journey has been far more complicated than he understood.

As the father marvels at his son, Will is still angry that he abandoned his family, Even after John tells him how hard he tried to return home and how he tried to help humanity when he couldn't, Will bristles that his father chose others over him and his mother. He doesn't much care about ending tyranny, he just wanted a father to be there for him.

In his voiceover, Asriel appeals to an unseen force in the coming war and we take stock of each of our characters for the last time this season. Serafina is in the air flying back to where she left Lyra. Iorek Bynison is watching as the glaciers in his world melt. Dr. Malone, who's been wandering around the land after dropping off Angelica and Paola with their families, is gazing in wonder over a waterfall. Father MacPhail grimaces on one of the Magisterium's airships as Mrs. Coulter lovingly strokes the outside of a very large trunk in the hull of a ship. Realizing Lyra is gone, Will pulls up his hood and takes off alone, his destiny foretold only if he's willing to follow it.

Molly is sitting in the whitest, most Milk of Magnesia looking ass meeting in the world. She running that shit, too. Every time them good ole boys start looking for a way out of discussing this raise, she coming with receipt after receipt after receipt.

Dan had taken all these were empty threats coming from the mother of his children who was only ever interested in his money. But not Linda, who repeatedly urged Dan to take Betty seriously. When they discussed security for their wedding with an expert, Dan even chuckled at the thought of Betty posing a fatal threat to them. The real-life Linda had in fact also urged Dan to wear a bulletproof vest after learning that she had brought a gun.

On November 5, 1989, when Betty shot Dan and Linda, her husband was 17 days shy of his 45th birthday and Linda was 28. Two bullets hit Linda in the head and chest, killing her instantly; one bullet hit Dan in the chest as he apparently was reaching for a phone. Linda first met Dan at the age of 21 when he hired her as his assistant. As Dan's interest in her grew, she became a paralegal at his law firm. Soon afterward, Betty grew suspicious of their affair.

After a year in Gotham City, Bruce sent Jason to find Dick Grayson to warn him that members of Haly's Circus were being systematically murdered. When Jason located Dick, he was in the midst of an ambush with soldiers from the Organization. Jason assisted Dick by taking down six armed soldiers,[4] before helping Dick carry the body of Dr. Adamson to his car. While Jason expressed his passion for being the new robin they headed to a safe house. Before Dick could depart, Jason explained his true reason for being there, giving him files and autopsy reports that informed him on the death of his circus friends. Shortly afterward, they were joined by Dick's friends and he met Kory Anders, Rachel Roth, and Gar Logan for the first time.

Jason is unexpectedly saved by Conner mid-fall, who swiftly lands on a car, saving him.[8] Amidst the house, the Titans find several objects implanted in their rooms which bring painful memories, which Jason is accused of, which impacts Jason further after he is dealing over the trauma of the fall. He later trains for stress relief, which Dick confronts him on, and Jason snaps at him. After Jason is feeling the impact of his trauma and the scorn he's facing, Jason contemplates suicide and goes up on the roof to jump, Grayson meets him and consoles him over his trauma, and confesses his part of recent events unfolding, saying he's at fault on it, due to his past actions.[9]

After Jason decides he has to leave from the Titans, he grows closer to Rose after taking her to his old school and also uncovers her secret after she gets out of Deathstroke's plan, which causes them to become estranged.[10]

After Crane used a Lazarus Pit to resurrect Jason, his personality was corrupted by his need for recognition, respect and value, taking more morally askew means than ever before. Evermore eager to pursue his plan in spreading their anti-fear gas, Jason still found himself sidelined by Crane. Additionally, Jason developed a much crueller and strategic method of combat, now willing to kill even his former friends to achieve his goals. However, Jason eventually came to his senses after withdrawal from the anti-fear gas and Crane's increasing mental instability, teaming up with Nightwing again when the latter offered for his help, but he declines to return as Robin or rejoin the Titans because he thinks that nothing he ever does will ever make up for what he has done as Red Hood. Although he reconciles with Dick and Bruce, he decides to leave Gotham.

On episode 5, emotions run high when Tammy takes Charlie to meet her grandfather in prison, which ends in tears and heartbreak. Meanwhile, Waka and his brothers cooks up a secret plan for Deb that leaves her nearly speechless after >>

Out near the Amell Pass, Geralt sees the Nilfgaardian Army marching, and correctly deduces they're heading for Cintra and hastily makes his way there and meets Mousesack to inquire if his Child of Surprise is safe. Mousesack then reveals the Child of Surprise is a girl named Cirilla, having been raised by Calanthe after Pavetta and Duny died at sea years ago. After Geralt remarks on what he saw at the Amell Pass, Mousesack tries to tell Geralt they're well prepared but is cut off when Geralt hears people moving in the underground tunnels, and the witcher almost rhetorically asks if the queen also sent assassins. He then investigates the tunnels where two of the assassins briefly show themselves before disappearing. Having his answer, Geralt takes Mousesack as a hostage and shield, forcing all eight assassins to come out in the open. As the assassins close in on the pair, and not wishing to die in the crossfire, Mousesack casts a portal to teleport him, and therefore Geralt, to safety. 041b061a72


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