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Download Gateway Holmes Zip Fix

UC Health Clifton Campus is served by Cincinnati Metro routes 24, 37, 38, and 51. Stops are located along Martin Luther King Drive at Highland Avenue and Eden Avenue. For more information, visit or download the Transit app.

Download Gateway Holmes zip

The Device View > Wireless Settings portlet provides information on thegateway's wireless settings, and the ability to change them remotely. Anyissues will be represented by warning icons. Make sure to click the Retrieveicon on the top right of the screen to get the latest information.

This feature allowsthe CSR to respond to support calls complaining of slow Internet and servicedegradation, by resetting priority and QoS rules on the gateway. As aprerequisite, the CSR can find out from the subscriber what their needs are,and then set a QoS profile accordingly. For example, a subscriber might be atelecommuter and need greater bandwidth accorded to their VPN settings.

The CSR can chooseone QoS profile from a list of predefined profiles for each gateway via the Device View > Quality of Service portlet. Theseprofiles define priority between the different applications or services. Theprofile that you choose is applied to all upstream or downstream trafficregardless of the LAN device that generates or receives it.

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