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Arm Compiler 5 is now a legacy product and has reached the end of Mainstream Support. It is no longer provided in Development Studio. Arm Compiler 5 can still be used for existing projects and for new projects for legacy Armv4, Armv5, or Armv6 targets - you can download it from the Arm Compiler 5 Downloads page, then add it as a toolchain into Development Studio. For all other new projects, Arm strongly recommends using Arm Compiler for Embedded 6 for non-safety projects and the latest Arm Compiler for Embedded FuSa (Functional Safety) for safety projects.

Download Active Presenter Pro x64 Port rar

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get_appDownload get_appMirrorVersion (30/04/2021)Changes-Battan's collision with other moving platforms and others Battans has been slightly improved.Fixed Bugs-The player can stick to a ceiling if a Bouncy Ball is placed next to it.-The player may not be able to climb down a ladder when next to another ladder.-The player may get stuck on the top of the screen when climbing a ladder that is one tile away from the border of the section.-Super Arrow can be shot to the other side of a tile.-Napalm Bomb can be shot to the other side of a tile.-If a Battan is carrying another moving platform, it may disappear upon hitting a Spring.-Battan may be blocked by a moving platform it's carrying when jumping.-Enemies and bosses are sometimes not able to jump off jumpthrough moving platforms.-When climbing a ladder to the top, the player can be teleported above a jumpthrough platform that is one tile above the ladder.-Fire Wall Modifier's neutral position can change the way the Fire Wall moves in certain cases.-After being affected by a Fire Wall Modifier, a Fire Wall still plays its sound effect after it moves outside the section.-When adding a new favorite but not choosing an asset, the game may crash upon selecting the empty favorite on the Favorite Wheel.-Item-2 is able to push enemies and certain objects other than Push Block, Soccer Ball and placed Super Arm Blocks.-Fire Wall does not kill bosses properly during their intro animation.-Beat does not despawn on screen transitions, creating various exploits.-Letting go of Mirror Buster from Command Selection while sliding as Roll can get you stuck.-Fuse Laser Crawlers may not appear if they are spawned at the edge of the screen.-Push Blocks moved by a jumpthrough moving platform may pass through enemies without pushing them.-Crash Lift is no longer able to carry a Push Block on the ground.-Fans pushing the player down do not work when the player is standing on a jumpthrough platform.-If the player kills a Brown and dies at the same time, the game may crash.-When riding a Falling Platform to the ground, the player may not be able to slide until they jump.-If a Yoku Block is placed under another Yoku Block, it may kill the player when spawned inside of then, even if the other Yoku Block is not yet active.-Sliding under a horizontal Key Door with Tornado Hold under it may crash the game.-Sliding under a horizontal Key Door with a Fan pushing you up may clip the player under the floor.-Spiked Jet Soccer Ball's damage collision will return to its starting position if it falls off screen.-Shade Man's intro animation plays too quickly.

get_appDownload get_appMirrorVersion 1.7.4 (6/4/2021)New Features-Added 30XX's main theme as stage music as well as main menu music. How do you unlock it? Try and find out!-Increased the level upload limit from 75 to 100.-Added a new example level: SkullSteam Ruins - Zirate Intervention by Objectionable.-You can now place a Fuse Laser Crawler directly in the editor instead of having them only come out of spawners.-Due to changing Mole and Molmole patterns to be more accurate to MM2/10 (see below), the Mole and Molmole with their original spawner behavior have been made into new enemies.-Added a ban screen for when banned people try to log in or host online rooms. They will still have access to the editor despite being banned from online.Changes-Freeze Man now has his missing time-stopping effect when hit by certain projectiles.-Conveyor Belts and Moving Cogs now affect Fuse Laser Crawlers. Moving Cogs affect them even on the side.-Thunder Beam now breaks Super Arm Blocks like in MM1.-Moles and Molmoles are now less spammy and are more accurate to their MM2/MM10 spawning patterns.-Fire Wall Modifier can now be set to a specific direction instead of just reversing the direction, allowing for back and forth Fire Walls.-Acid Drop now has an option to change how soon the acid falls when spawned in.-Tango's spawning now has unlimited downward spawn range and can be spawned up to 3 blocks above you.-Bari III (Head) can now activate Astro Buttons.-You can now bounce on Fuse Laser Crawlers with Top Spin.Fixed Bugs-Dark 2 BG 5 has a misaligned column by 1 pixel and a part of it is transparent because of it.-Mash Burner's jumpthrough solid sometimes does not spawn on screen transitions.-The warning about the boss not ending the stage when defeated is not shown when the music changing option is enabled.-Roll Swing only does 1 damage to all enemy projectiles even if charged.-While holding a Super Arm Block, if you climb a ladder and hold left/right, you will slide horizontally across multiple columns of ladders instead of climbing them properly after the block has been thrown.-Jewel Satellite does not make an explosion effect when it destroys Hot Dog's fireballs.-Concrete Platforms recoil more than they should while Time Slow is active.-When a boss spawns on a moving platform, their starting position can be wrong and make it able to get crushed by said platform.-Elec'n and its projectiles can't activate Fuse Crosser and Fuse Xtender.-Electric Gabyoall and its projectiles can't activate Fuse Crosser and Fuse Xtender.-Electriri activating a Fuse Crosser may crash the game after it no longer collides with the Crosser.-Reversed Spike Platforms are slightly offset in the editor vertically.-MM6 Wily 2 Tile 2 (Alt) doesn't have the ice effect.-Thrown Super Arm blocks and their fragments do not trigger Hornet Rolls from the side like other weapons.-When standing on a jumpthrough moving platform, the player is not affected by Fans.-When using Tornado Hold under a Fan, the player can get stuck in the ground and the Tornado Hold effect is cancelled.-Bounce Man cannot punch Push Blocks upward.-Sea Mine Spawner's telegraph can flash infinitely after using Time Slow.-When placing a line of Tsunarattori, only the head bird spawns if the player spawns on the same screen.-When Splash Woman is out of water, reflecting her falling tridents right as they spawn makes them stay on screen forever.-When Splash Woman is out of water, reflecting her falling tridents offsets them to the left and doesn't flip them.-When carrying a Super Arm Block through a screen transition, it does not move alongside you properly.-Lantern Fish does not spawn Shrinks in certain situations.-Sniper Armor's jump cycle is faster and does not match MM2.-Super Arm blocks and their fragments do not trigger On/Off Switches.-Tango does not stand at the same height as the player.-Freeze Man's icicles do not destroy all the ice that he makes.-You can grab an Energy Element while in a Teleporter, potentially resulting in clipping.-Elec'n does not properly spawn and fall from the top of the screen when in vertically connected sections.-Elec'n does not properly fall through solids.-If you set a Music Changer to change on screen transition, enter a Teleporter to a boss room where the boss is set to change music upon death, and teleport back to the original room with the first Music Changer object, the music does not change.-The jumpthrough solids of On/Off Ladders sometimes do not get removed when turned off from another section.-Hologran's effect makes Moles and Molmoles invisible.-Sliding under tiles or spikes while on a jumpthrough moving platform can push you below the platform.-Landing on another solid when on a solid moving platform may kill the player in certain cases.-Sliding on a solid moving platform may teleport the player to the edge of the platform.-If a Fuse Rail is placed in a level, playing it in the editor for the second time may crash the game.-The player does not activate Bouncy Balls when moved by a moving platform.-The game may crash when Fuse Laser Crawlers move on a Jumpthrough Platform.-Various enemies can clip inside the top part of a solid moving platform.-Napalm Bomb turns around on its own on certain gimmicks.-On/Off Blocks get stuck mid-animation when you pause or use time stopping weapons.-Freeze Man does not turn around when walking into the edge of a section.-The player may get stuck in the ground when climbing down ladders.-Downward-moving Fire Walls instantly kill certain bosses which spawn from the top of the room.-Health or Weapon Energy Spawners may spawn items inside Dust Blocks, Chill Blocks, Time Bombs or Flame Pillars.-When two Push Blocks are stacked on top of each other, if you punch the top one and walk against it, you may be incorrectly crushed by it.-Brown's sound effect when shooting is missing.-Teckyun takes damage from a falling Super Arm Block.-Enemies and bosses surrounded by two Bouncy Balls horizontally may clip inside the ground.-Enemies and bosses on a Conveyor Belt hitting a Bouncy Ball may clip inside the ground.-Gravity and Crystal backgrounds' numbers are wrong.-Enker BG 3 and Enker BG 5 (Alt) have the same icon.-Tomahawk BG 6 (Alt) is missing parentheses.-After using the eyedropper tool to copy a plate, using a different plate will show the wrong visual preview.-Time Bombs are reversed after using the eyedropper tool to copy them.-Ice Man, Shade Man and Tornado Man are not able to take off when they land on a moving platform.-Freeze Man clips out of confined areas with Bouncy Balls as walls.-Bounce Man clips out of small areas when moved up by moving platforms.-When the player enters a downward screen transition, they can clip inside solids that are two tiles away.-When the player reflects Splash Woman's vertical underwater tridents, the reflected projectile is offset horizontally.-When the player reflects Splash Woman's vertical tridents, they don't turn upside down.-Tango's collision does not match his body size.-Tango cannot be summoned on Push Blocks.-Tango can spawn in Push Blocks when right next to them.-Mole and Molmole Spawners stop spawning moles when the invisible starting trigger (spawner) goes off screen.-If time is frozen while entering a room, Fire Wave Relocators are not solid anymore.-If time is frozen while entering a room, Spike Platforms are not solid anymore.-If time is frozen, the player can activate the Spike Platform, and will turn once time is resumed.-Multiple Bari III Heads stacked on a moving platform may crash the game.-Fuse Laser Spawners may desync when a Fuse Laser Crawler coming from another Spawner blocks the spawning spot.-Super Arm Blocks and fragments can destroy indestructible enemy projectiles.-Napalm Bomb does not instantly kill Mash Burner despite it being an explosive weapon.-Boss Doors can still be opened when a solid moving platform is blocking them on the other side, which can lead to clipping or death.-Oil and Time ladders have (PU) in their name.-Oil and Time spikes have (PU) in their name.-Elec'n has a direction option despite it automatically going towards the player when it starts moving.-The sound effects of Concrete Lift and Sumatran are too quiet. 041b061a72


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