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Doctor Who: Battle Of Time Is Out On Android!

Dr. Octavius then hired Whirlwind to bait Spider-Man in a fight. After Whirlwind is defeated, Dr. Octavius loses contact with him. After watching the fight, Dr. Octavius decides that in order to find out about his secrets, he must capture him. He then loads the data before Norman makes contact with him again. Norman angrily accuses him of wasting his time, squandering his money and for trying his patience and decides to pull the plug on the science project of Dr. Octavius's and tells him that he has the means. Norman asks him about what he thinks about: more patience or blowing up. Dr. Octavius angrily tells him to not treat him like a child and informs him about being almost there and tries to explain about Whirlwind's mission but Norman doesn't listen and tells him that he gave him all the time in the world and the task of learning Spider-Man's powers to exploit as a weapon. Norman tells him that he has no secrets, no Spider-Soldiers to sell and asks why he shouldn't blow the lab up. Dr. Octavius informs him about his plan to capture Spider-Man himself than any other villain could. Norman laughs at this and comments about Dr. Octavius being a shut-in scientist who can't wipe his own mouth but then believes that Dr. Octavius's tentacles will come in handy and tells Dr. Octavius that he is welcome again for those tentacles. He informs Dr. Octavius that at sundown if he doesn't have results then he is off the assignment permanently before ending the contract. Dr. Octavius angrily destroys the screen and swears that Norman will see that he will capture Spider-Man. He finds Spider-Man at an amusement park and grabs him. Dr. Octavius introduces himself but doesn't say his name. He starts talking about Norman (but only referring him as "he") calling him a shut-in, prattling on about his uselessness and thinks about Norman seeing him, now that he has Spider-Man. Spider-Man asks who "he" is , makes a comment about fixing pronouns and kicks him while saying that he doesn't have him. Dr. Octavius carries on attacking him while Spider-Man asks who he is and starts calling him names like Captain Cockroach, The Enemy Anemone and Crab-Claw Clam. Dr. Octavius tells him that he is a "Doctor" and Spider-Man comments that he needs a doctor and a straight-jacket. Dr. Octavius angrily claims that he is not insane and carries on attacking. He tells Spider-Man that he is the twilight of his creeping existence. Spider-Man makes a joke about not making statement about it and kicks him while calling him "Mister". Annoyed, Dr. Octavius again tells him that he is a "Doctor". Spider-Man jokes about him having a P.D. and squid arms and gives him the name "Doctor Octopus" and asks him if it was catchy. Dr. Octavius carries on attacking while angrily telling him to not mock him. Spider-Man uses a rail-way cart to hit Dr. Octavius down. He quickly recovers and carries on attacking Spider-Man while talking about Norman by saying that "he" should've trusted him to capture Spider-Man, he should've trusted himself and claims that this is magnificent. Spider-Man tries to ask again about who "he" is but Dr. Octavius tells him that he will worry about "him" and Spider-Man should worry about him. He chases Spider-Man around and grabs him and Spider-Man now realizes that he is now beginning to scare him. Dr. Octavius claims that he is more impressive in person and that he can't wait to dissect him. Spider-Man tells him that he fought villains like him before home-room and jokes that he is out of his league and calls him "Doc Ock". Dr. Octavius asks him if his league is called "Little League". Spider-Man then webs up his goggles making him let go but one of his tentacles punches Spider-Man down to the ground. Dr. Octavius takes the web off his goggles and tells him that he knows far more about him than he realizes. He knocks Spider-Man down while claiming that this morning he was on the verge of losing everything but is now close on the verge of proving himself by the might of his own hand. He tries to saw him and when Spider-Man tries to get away on a wall, Dr. Octavius uses black ooze to make him slip back on the ground. Spider-Man fools Dr. Octavius about having one last request and jokes about octopuses having eight limbs and hence the word "Octo". He avoids the saw which makes Dr. Octavius angry even more before he gets distracted by a civilian taking photos of the fight. He grabs the civilian and taunts Spider-Man about caring for others. Spider-Man tries to make him let go but Dr. Octavius replies with "Make Me". Spider-Man then uses his acrobatic skills on the tentacles and has one of the tentacles saw the arm holding the civilian, making it let go. He chases Spider-Man and grabs him. He claims that he never knew he enjoyed hunting down a living creature and claims that Spider-Man had taught him. Spider-Man jokes about giving him a haircut but Dr. Octavius tells him that it is "With it till the end" and claims it to be commendable and pointless. He then kicks the tentacle with a taser onto Dr. Octavius making him throw Spider-Man into the House of Mirrors. Dr. Octavius hunts Spider-Man down while destroying the mirrors but then looks into one of them which shows a reflection of him looking handsome. When Dr. Octavius sadly remembers that he used to be handsome once, Spider-Man jokingly tells him that he can have the mirror for three easy payments or go home forever and never come outside again. Dr. Octavius angrily carries on attacking Spider-Man and destroying the mirrors with Spider-Man commenting about how many years of bad luck he just got. Dr. Octavius angrily tells him that he is trying his temper and Spider-Man tells him that he doesn't like it. The two carry on fighting until Dr. Octavius knocks him down and tells Spider-Man that he is coming with him. Spider-Man claims that its over his dead body and Dr. Octavius shocks him finally knocking him out and capturing him. The next day, he makes contact with Norman who believes that he has some excuse to make him fire him. Dr. Octavius tells him that he owes him an apology and surprises Norman by showing him that he captured Spider-Man. Dr. Octavius tells him that he is just asleep for now. Norman panics when he sees that Spider-Man is stirring and orders that Dr. Octavius must find out about his powers but Dr. Octavius angrily tells him that he will find out what he chooses to and when he will let him know when he'll feel like it. Norman angrily tells him to not talk to him like that and Dr. Octavius turns the contact off. Dr. Octavius then proceeds to saw him but Spider-Man wakes up to see Dr. Octavius going to saw him and webs up the tentacle and uses it to free him from his bonds. This surprises Dr. Octavius who claims that he is such a clever bug and tries to catch Spider-Man. Spider-Man tells him that it is "arachnid" and mockingly tells him that he calls himself a "Doctor". He carries on avoiding Dr. Octavius's tentacles. While chasing Spider-Man, Norman tells Dr. Octavius that he should complete the mission or he will destroy him. Dr. Octavius tells Norman that he has a mission of his own and demands him to get out of his head and to stop tormenting him. Spider-Man demands the "he" should show himself so that he can defeat them both. He webs up Dr. Octavius's goggles and tries to use the computers to make contact with S.H.I.E.L.D. Dr. Octavius grabs him and pins him against the wall which makes Spider-Man see that they're both underwater. Spider-Man kicks him and ties him up. When Spider-Man turns on one of the computers, he sees different images of him and his missions. He realizes that Dr. Octavius has been stalking him for a long time and asks if he is just looking out for his best interests. Dr. Octavius breaks free and tells him that the only interests is his own like everything he is, everything he becomes requires to be put down like a sick pet. Spider-Man shoots web at him and demands to know what he wants with him. Dr. Octavius tells him that he wants to know what makes him tick and that it requires that Spider-Man perishes. Spider-Man fools him with a joke but Dr. Octavius grabs him. Spider-Man uses web to blocks the harness which makes Dr. Octavius struggle to breathe. Norman then tells Dr. Octavius that it is the last time that he has failed and that he can't have Spider-Man and S.H.I.E.L.D. tracing him back to Oscorp. He then blows the lab up while telling Dr. Octavius that he is fired. While Spider-Man is able to make contact to Nick Fury, Dr. Octavius gets up and attacks Spider-Man while the lab starts flooding. When the roof breaks apart and makes it flood even more, Spider-Man finds Dr. Octavius drowning. Spider-Man saves Dr. Octavius but the roof makes him fall and sees Dr. Octavius floating upward. It is then mentioned that Dr. Octavius was never found.

Doctor Who: Battle of Time is Out on Android!

Dr. Octavius now going by the name "Doctor Octopus" resurfaced, a long time after the events after his encounter with Spider-Man. He created a new lab and took control of Iron Man's armors to destroy Norman as revenge. He had an Octobot break into Stark Industries and stole the arc reactor. He welcomed back the Octobot who gave him the arc reactor. He tells the Octobot that he may have failed to destroy Norman but the arc reactor is to make up for it nicely. He then puts the arc reactor into his new Iron Octopus armor. After donning the armor, Doctor Octopus attacked the lab in the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier where Spider-Man, Director Fury, Dr. Curt Connors, Iron Man, Norman, and Harry were. Curt Connors was surprised to find that his friend, Otto Octavius was alive while Norman pretended to not know. Iron Man attacked Doctor Octopus but he knocked Iron Man and sent Octobots to take him on. After Iron Man flies away with the Octobots, Director Fury had security lock everything down and called for S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. He then began shooting at Doctor Octopus but he then returns fire at Director Fury and knocks him down. Spider-Man appeared and Doctor Octopus tried to crush him but Spider-Man moved to his face and tried to hit the glass of the armor. The armor protects Doctor Octopus with a shield and he tried to shoot ice at Spider-Man. He demanded that he should be given Norman and everyone will go back to their lives but Spider-Man refused and Doctor Octopus shoots at him but misses. Spider-Man shoots web into his face but he easily rips it off and sends Octobots to battle Director Fury while he threw Spider-Man away. He then accuses Norman of taking everything that was important to him away and tells him that he will do the same by taking Harry away. He then took Norman and Harry and shocks Harry, knocking him out. He then taunted Norman about retribution being at hand. He then escaped with the Osborns and stopped Spider-Man from stopping him. He took them back to Oscorp and told Norman to beg him to show his son the mercy he didn't show him. Norman told him to let him go because it had nothing to do him but Doctor Octopus tells him that it does now. Norman reminds him that he is his friend, that he saved his life and tries to remind him of the machines that helped him but Doctor Octopus tells him that they were created to enslave him. He then accused Norman of locking him away so that nobody would know about him like a pet and then tried to destroy him. He tells Norman that he is going to return the favor by destroying him. Spider-Man in the Iron Spider Armor stops him and saves the Osborns. Doctor Octopus and Spider-Man fought but Spider-Man knocks Doctor Octopus down. Doctor Octopus then shot at him while telling him that he will have his webs strung up for that. Spider-Man shot at him and knocked him down again. He then accuses Spider-Man for playing the fool like Norman and Norman tries to act like Doctor Octopus is a lunatic. Doctor Octopus and Spider-Man then shot at each other but the shots hit each other. Doctor Octopus accuses Spider-Man of protecting Norman despite all the misery he had caused him like the attacks and the lies. Spider-Man then comments that the mad people like Doctor Octopus are always the ones, one should listen to. Doctor Octopus attacked him while revealing that he worked for Norman and reveals that together, they have been stalking him, hunting him and studying him to steal his secrets. Spider-Man doesn't believe him and shoots web at him which gives Norman time to carry Harry away to safety. Doctor Octopus recovers, grabs Spider-Man and tries to tell him that every word that Norman says is a lie. He tries to shoot the Osborns but Spider-Man stops him and hits the arc reactor. Doctor Octopus finds the arc reactor fusing and wonders what's happening to it. Spider-Man asks him if he remembered to charge it. The two fight but Doctor Octopus rips the spider arms of his suit leaving only one. He then proceeds to destroy Spider-Man but Iron Man arrives and shoots him. Doctor Octopus finds that the arc reactor isn't powering, and thinks that it should be self-sustaining and believes that he built his armor to Iron Man's specifications. Iron Man tells him that he never put anything in a computer and that it is all in the mind. Doctor Octopus attacks the heroes not wanting it to end like that but Iron Man hits the arc reactor which shocks Doctor Octopus. Spider-Man then proceeds to punch Doctor Octopus far away crashing into buildings which leaves him injured. Norman finds him before S.H.I.E.L.D. does and puts him into a container. Norman visits him and tells him that he can relax and that S.H.I.E.L.D. is gone. He tells him that he should be thankful that Norman found him before S.H.I.E.L.D. could. He tells him that he single-handedly took on two of the world's greatest heroes and the best thing he has done was upset Spider-Man, made him nervous and calls Doctor Octopus that he is amazing. He welcomes Doctor Octopus back and tells him that they have work ahead of them. 350c69d7ab


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