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PATCHED FILE Minimizer Suite V6.0

  • If all else fails and you fear it will take too long: Consider passing multiple png files to pngtest at once. (That may give slightly different coverage results than in HW1, but as long as you do it consistently, it is fine for this assignment.)

  • Some students cached the per-test coverage results and simply re-used them later (e.g., if you know the lines covered by test #1 and the lines covered by test #2, simply union them to get the lines covered jointly).

  • Some students have reported success with using Amazon AWS instances or similar free-or-cheap cloud computing options.

  • If started the assignment too late and your computer will not finish in time, you may use a prefix of the test suite. That is, treat the assignment as if you had been given the first 500 tests in the zip file (for some value of 500 that will allow it to run overnight on your setup). Note that to do this you will have to change your definition of "full coverage" to match what is provided by those 500 tests. If you do this you must explicitly indicate the time taken to compute coverage on all 1639 test cases, the reduced number of tests chosen (e.g., 500), and the maximum total coverage associated with your test subset in your report.

PATCHED FILE Minimizer Suite v6.0

Obtain the file from or it is also located in the bin directory of the zip file of the Windows version of aircrack-ng suite. Typically, it should be located in C:\\system32.

- Message syncing stats- Ability to reply to specific messages- Screen sharing now available on calls- New LinkGuard feature when clicking web links- Recently used emojis populate with app use- Added further admin controls- New draft message indicators on sidebar- Improved channel search with filters- Design upgrades for calls- Call summary messages- Missed call messages- See which user started a channel call- Tab switching is now 4x faster- Searching messages and viewing files is much faster- Huge performance improvements around the entire app- Improved video call battery performance- Various enhancements to the message thread- Upgrades to drag and drop system- Enhancements to at mentions within messages- Enhancements to Windows desktop notifications- Enhancements to code formatting in messages- Users won't go idle when on a call- Stability improvements for calls- Various enhancements to the compliance suite- Various design enhancements- Various bug fixes

- Improved user verification flow- Upgraded user verification chains- Various fixes and improvements around the compliance suite- Fixed an error with message exporting- Idle status added- Various fixes around image previews- Added read receipts to all messages- Added the ability to resend invites to users- Usability improvements and fixes for team administrators- Improved renaming file downloads- Increased resolution of image previews- Mention highlighting improvements- Fixes to text formatting with bullet points and added support for tables- Various other bug fixes- Various UI and UX tweaks- Stability and performance improvements

- Improved contact list pagination and load speeds- Maximum users per channel cap added (100)- UX changes for users that have been deactivated- Improved consistency with mobile app- Improved message sync system- Added more events to the compliance suite- Enhanced UX in various places throughout the app- Revamped check for updates system- Improved MFA login screen- View files for a conversation quicker- Added 4 new message reactions- Improved signup validation- Various bug fixes- Stability and performance improvements

- Under the hood updates for future features- Desktop notification system upgrades- All new design for Windows and Linux desktop notifications- Compliance suite upgrades- Brand new emoji selector and emoji search- Ability to rename a file before upload- All new file drag and drop- File downloads start faster- All new message reaction information panel- App now remembers last selected tab for each team- All new file image previews- Tab switching made smoother- Upgrades to the user typing system- Improved handling when adding multiple teams- Upgraded the app update system- Minor updates to search- Upgrades to the multi-factor auth login- Improved handling for old operating systems- Windows profile migration updates- Minor updates to the giphy selector- Updates to the team switcher- Fixed bug with messages not appearing- Fixed bug with duplicate messages rendering- Various design enhancements- Various bug fixes

- Notification preferences feature added- Channel topic feature added- Flashing system for enhanced UX- Star message feature added- Jump into conversation feature added- Improved pending message system for multi-team- All new search result design- Design updates to the message thread- Compliance suite updates- Enlarge image previews- App adjusts to OS color profiles- Various enhancements and bug fixes

Overall, ImageMagick is a powerful and versatile software suite for displaying, converting, and editing image files. Its support for scripting and automation, along with its other features, make it a valuable tool for a wide range of image-related tasks. 076b4e4f54


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