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14 De Dezembro De 2021 Football Manager ... !!TOP!!

Paulo Alexandre Rodrigues Fonseca (born 5 March 1973) is a Portuguese professional football manager and former player who played as a central defender. He is the current head coach of French Ligue 1 club Lille.

14 de dezembro de 2021 Football Manager ...

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On 11 June 2019, Fonseca was appointed manager of Roma.[38] He led the side to the fifth place in the Serie A in his first season,[39] as well as the semi-finals of the subsequent Europa League.[40][41] He announced his departure in May 2021.[42]

Immediately after leaving Roma, Fonseca was director Fabio Paratici's top choice to be manager of Tottenham Hotspur, but the advanced negotiations were scrapped on 17 June 2021,[43] allegedly due to tax issues.[44] However, in an interview with The Daily Telegraph in September, the former revealed that the main reason for this was that the latter wanted to hire a more defensive-minded coach.[45] In October, he was interviewed by Newcastle United following their Saudi-led takeover, before the interest shifted to Unai Emery and Eddie Howe;[46] his name was then linked to a third English club, Aston Villa.[47] 041b061a72


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