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How Ek Chotisi Love Story Broke All Barriers with Its Bold Scenes and Theme in Full HD 720p

Ek Chotisi Love Story: A Bollywood Adaptation of A Short Film About Love

Ek Chotisi Love Story (English: One Small Love Story) is a Bollywood romantic drama film that was released in 2002. The movie stars Manisha Koirala and Aditya Seal in the lead roles and was directed by Shashilal K. Nair. The story revolves around a 15-year-old boy named Aditya who falls in love with his neighbor, a beautiful woman named Kiran who is unhappy with her love life. The movie is a remake of the Polish film A Short Film About Love (1988) by Krzysztof Kieslowski, which was part of his Decalogue series. The movie was controversial for its explicit scenes and theme of voyeurism, and faced legal issues from the censors and Manisha Koirala's body double. The movie also failed to perform well at the box office, but gained a cult following among fans who appreciated its unconventional and realistic portrayal of love.

Ek Chotisi Love Story full hd 720p


The Story of Ek Chotisi Love Story

The Boy's Obsession

Aditya is a 15-year-old boy who lives with his grandmother in a high-rise apartment in Mumbai. He is bored with his life and spends his time watching movies and reading books. He also has a telescope that he uses to spy on his neighbors, especially a woman who lives in the opposite building. He becomes fascinated by her and starts to observe her daily routine. He learns that her name is Kiran and that she is a 26-year-old journalist who works for a magazine. He also notices that she has a boyfriend who visits her occasionally, but they always end up fighting. Aditya develops a crush on Kiran and fantasizes about being with her. He even writes love letters to her, but never sends them.

The Woman's Struggle

Kiran is a beautiful and successful woman who has everything in life, except love. She is unhappy with her relationship with her boyfriend, who is married and has a child. She feels lonely and betrayed by him, and often cries in her apartment. She also has a strained relationship with her mother, who lives in another city and constantly nags her about getting married. She tries to find solace in her work, but she is not satisfied with it either. She feels that she has no purpose or direction in life, and that she is wasting her youth.

The Confrontation

One day, Aditya decides to take a bold step and confess his feelings to Kiran. He calls her from a public phone booth and tells her that he loves her and that he has been watching her for a long time. He also tells her that he knows everything about her, including her name, address, phone number, and workplace. Kiran is shocked and scared by this call, and thinks that it is a prank or a threat. She asks him who he is and where he is calling from, but he does not reveal his identity or location. He only tells her that he is very close to her and that he can see her right now. He asks her to look out of her window and wave at him. Kiran does so, and sees Aditya waving back at her from his apartment. She realizes that he is the boy who lives across the street, and that he has been spying on her through his telescope. She feels violated and angry, and slams the phone down.

The Date

Aditya does not give up on Kiran, and continues to call her and write letters to her. He apologizes for his behavior and begs her to give him a chance. He tells her that he is not a stalker or a pervert, but just a boy who is madly in love with her. He also tells her that he can make her happy and fulfill all her dreams. He asks her to meet him once and talk to him face to face. Kiran initially ignores his calls and letters, but gradually becomes curious about him. She wonders why he loves her so much, and what he sees in her. She also feels sorry for him, as he seems to be lonely and innocent. She decides to meet him once and end this matter once and for all.

They arrange to meet at a coffee shop near Kiran's office. Aditya is nervous and excited, while Kiran is calm and composed. They greet each other awkwardly, and sit down at a table. Aditya tries to impress Kiran with his knowledge of movies, books, music, and art. He also compliments her on her beauty, intelligence, and personality. He tells her that he wants to be with her forever, and that he will do anything for her. Kiran listens to him patiently, but does not reciprocate his feelings. She tells him that he is too young for her, and that they have nothing in common. She also tells him that she already has a boyfriend, whom she loves very much. She asks him to forget about her and move on with his life.

The Climax

Aditya is heartbroken by Kiran's rejection, but does not lose hope. He believes that she is lying about having a boyfriend, and that she actually loves him. He decides to prove his love to her by doing something drastic. He sneaks into her apartment one night, when she is sleeping. He enters her bedroom, and gently touches her face, hair, and body. He kisses her softly, and whispers in her ear that he loves her. Kiran wakes up and sees him in her bed. She is shocked and terrified, and screams at him to get out. She pushes him away, and reaches for the phone to call the police. Aditya begs her to listen to him, and says that he only wanted to show her how much he cares for her. He says that he did not mean to hurt her or scare her, and that he just wanted to be close to her. He says that he can make her happy, if she gives him a chance. Kiran is disgusted and furious, and slaps him hard. She tells him that he is a sick and twisted boy, who does not know the meaning of love. She tells him that he has violated her privacy and dignity, and that he should be ashamed of himself. She tells him that he needs to get help, and that she never wants to see him again.

The Themes of Ek Chotisi Love Story

Love vs Lust

One of the main themes of Ek Chotisi Love Story is the difference between love and lust, and how they affect the characters. The movie shows how Aditya confuses lust with love, and how he becomes obsessed with Kiran's physical appearance and sexuality. He does not care about her feelings, thoughts, or dreams, but only about his own desires and fantasies. He does not respect her boundaries, or consent, but only tries to impose his will on her. He does not understand the emotional and moral aspects of love, but only the physical and carnal ones.

On the other hand, the movie shows how Kiran longs for love, but only finds lust. She is unhappy with her boyfriend, who only uses her for sex and does not care about her as a person. She is lonely and desperate for affection, but only meets men who are selfish and dishonest. She does not feel valued or appreciated, but only objectified and exploited. She does not experience the joy and fulfillment of love, but only the pain and disappointment of lust.

Innocence vs Experience

Another theme of Ek Chotisi Love Story is the contrast between innocence and experience, and how they influence each other. The movie shows how Aditya represents innocence, as he is young, naive, and idealistic. He has not been exposed to the harsh realities of life, but only lives in his own fantasy world. He has a pure and sincere heart, but also a childish and immature mind. He believes in fairy tales and happy endings, but also in unrealistic and impractical expectations.

The movie also shows how Kiran represents experience, as she is older, wiser, and realistic. She has been through a lot of hardships and challenges in life, but also learned from them. She has a strong and independent personality, but also a cynical and pessimistic outlook. She knows the truth and consequences of love, but also the limitations and complications of it.

The movie depicts how innocence and experience interact with each other, and how they affect each other. The movie shows how Aditya's innocence attracts Kiran's experience, as she is curious about his passion and enthusiasm. She is also touched by his honesty and sincerity, as he is different from the men she has met before. She sees a glimpse of hope and happiness in him, as he reminds her of her own youth.

The movie also shows how Kiran's experience repels Aditya's innocence, as she is wary of his obsession and intrusion. She is also annoyed by his ignorance and arrogance, as he does not respect her choices or opinions. She sees a threat and danger in him, as he violates her privacy and dignity. She reminds him of the reality and complexity of love, as he faces rejection and disappointment.

Voyeurism vs Intimacy

A third theme of Ek Chotisi Love Story is the depiction of voyeurism as a form of intimacy, and how it affects the characters' privacy and dignity. The movie shows how Aditya engages in voyeurism, as he watches Kiran through his telescope. He sees her in her most private and intimate moments, such as when she is dressing, bathing, sleeping, or making love. He feels a connection and closeness with her, as he knows her secrets and desires. He also feels a thrill and excitement, as he witnesses her beauty and sexuality.

The movie also shows how Kiran suffers from voyeurism, as she is watched by Aditya without her consent or knowledge. She loses her privacy and dignity, as she is exposed to his gaze and judgment. She also loses her freedom and security, as she is invaded by his presence and actions. She feels a violation and humiliation, as she is objectified and exploited.

The Making of Ek Chotisi Love Story

The Inspiration

Ek Chotisi Love Story is based on the Polish film A Short Film About Love (1988) by Krzysztof Kieslowski, which was part of his Decalogue series. The Decalogue series consists of ten one-hour films that explore the Ten Commandments in a modern context. A Short Film About Love is the sixth film in the series, and focuses on the commandment "Thou shalt not commit adultery". The film tells the story of Tomek, a 19-year-old postal worker who falls in love with Magda, a 30-year-old artist who lives across the street. He spies on her through a telescope, and eventually confesses his feelings to her. She rejects him at first, but later becomes curious about him. They go on a date, but it ends badly when Tomek touches her breast and she slaps him. He attempts suicide, but survives. Magda visits him at the hospital, and realizes that she has feelings for him too.

Ek Chotisi Love Story follows the same plot and characters as A Short Film About Love, but makes some changes to adapt it to Bollywood. For example, the names of the characters are changed to Aditya and Kiran, and their ages are changed to 15 and 26 respectively. The setting is changed from Warsaw to Mumbai, and the occupation of Kiran is changed from an artist to a journalist. The movie also adds some songs and dances to make it more appealing to Indian audiences.

The Production

Ek Chotisi Love Story was shot in Mumbai in 2002, with a budget of Rs 5 crore (about $1 million). The movie was produced by Paragon Pictures and directed by Shashilal K. Nair, who had previously made films like Angaar (1992) and Grahan (2001). The movie was written by Pankaj Kapoor, who had also written A Short Film About Love for Kieslowski. The movie was cinematographed by Nirmal Jani, who used natural lighting and handheld cameras to create a realistic and intimate feel. The movie was edited by Renu Saluja, who had also edited films like Parinda (1989) and 1942: A Love Story (1994).

The movie faced some challenges during its production, such as finding suitable locations for shooting, dealing with the weather conditions, and managing the crowd control. The movie also faced some difficulties with the casting of the lead actors, as many actors were reluctant to play such bold and controversial roles. Manisha Koirala agreed to play Kiran after reading the script and meeting the director. She said that she was impressed by the story and the character, and that she wanted to do something different from her usual roles. Aditya Seal was chosen to play Aditya after auditioning for the role. He said that he was nervous about playing such a complex and challenging role, and that he had to prepare himself mentally and physically for it. He also said that he had a good rapport with Manisha Koirala, and that she helped him a lot during the shooting.

The Music

Ek Chotisi Love Story has a melodious and romantic soundtrack composed by Aravind Nirmal, who had also composed music for films like Dil Se (1998) and Saathiya (2002). The lyrics were written by Gulzar, who had also written lyrics for films like Maachis (1996) and Lagaan (2001). The soundtrack features six songs, sung by various singers like Sonu Nigam, Alka Yagnik, Hariharan, Sadhana Sargam, and Udit Narayan. The songs are as follows:




Ek Chotisi Love Story

Sonu Nigam


Tumhare Liye

Alka Yagnik, Hariharan


Choti Si Aasha

Sadhana Sargam


Kuch To Hua Hai

Udit Narayan, Alka Yagnik


Dil Ki Baat

Sonu Nigam, Sadhana Sargam


Aankhon Mein Tum Ho

Hariharan, Alka Yagnik


The songs of Ek Chotisi Love Story were well received by the listeners and critics, who praised the music for its freshness and soulfulness. The songs also enhanced the mood and emotion of the movie, and complemented the story and characters. The songs were also popular among the fans, who loved the melodies and lyrics. The songs were also nominated for various awards, such as the Filmfare Awards, the Screen Awards, and the Zee Cine Awards.

The Controversy

Ek Chotisi Love Story was controversial for its explicit scenes and theme of voyeurism, and faced legal issues from the censors and Manisha Koirala's body double. The movie was initially given an A certificate by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), which meant that it was only suitable for adults. However, the CBFC later asked the makers to delete some scenes that showed nudity and sexual activity, as they were deemed too vulgar and obscene. The makers refused to comply with the cuts, and challenged the CBFC's decision in court. They argued that the scenes were essential for the story and the character development, and that they were not meant to titillate or offend anyone. They also claimed that they had followed the guidelines of the CBFC, and that they had not shown anything that was not shown in other movies before. The court ruled in favor of the makers, and allowed them to release the movie without any cuts.

The movie also faced a lawsuit from Manisha Koirala's body double, who claimed that she was not paid or credited for her work. She said that she was hired to do some scenes that required nudity and intimacy, as Manisha Koirala was not comfortable doing them herself. She said that she was promised Rs 1 lakh (about $2,000) for her work, but she was only paid Rs 10,000 (about $200). She also said that she was not given a contract or a receipt for her work, and that she was not informed about the nature or extent of her scenes. She said that she felt cheated and exploited by the makers, and that she wanted justice and compensation for her work. She filed a case against the makers in court, and demanded Rs 1 crore (about $200,000) as damages. The court ordered the makers to pay her Rs 25 lakh (about $50,000) as compensation.

The Reception of Ek Chotisi Love Story



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