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St Pauli Revue May 1987 ((TOP))

One important remaining order of business is the elucidation of mono- and sesquiterpenoid biosynthetic pathways in cannabis, as has been achieved previously in other species of plants (Croteau, 1987; Gershenzon and Croteau, 1993; Bohlmann et al., 1998; Turner et al., 1999; Trapp and Croteau, 2001).

St Pauli Revue May 1987


In 1987, however, some German brewers did not adhere to the Reinheitsgebot with beers they sent overseas. One such brewer was Beck in Bremen, whose beer exports to the United States were alleged to include starch adjuncts. The reader should understand that this was not against German law, as a brewer could do whatever he wanted with beer exported from Germany. 041b061a72


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