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How to Download Haunted Dorm MOD APK v1.0.2 and Enjoy the Best Horror Game

In the game, players need to play the protagonist to build more defense towers to defend against ghost in the haunted dorm. Different defense towers with super functions can be built. Players need to use all means to ensure sleep. The girls are not disturbed by evil spirits. It is very interesting and easy to operate. players need to avoid the pursuit of ghosts and find a suitable dormitory to escape.If the player defeats the ghost, the game will be won, and if the player is eliminated by the ghost, the game will be lost.Do you want to challenge yourself? Want to vent your stress? I can help you get it, as long as you lie down on this bed.

download haunted dorm mod apk versi 1.0.2


This is an amazing Strategy APK developed by Mihuan. This is mod version of Haunted Dorm with Unlocked and Unlimited Money features. Latest version 1.4.6 is available for Android. Download Haunted Dorm mod APK from above download link.

Download haunted dorm mod apk - Jika Anda ingin menikmati pengalaman game horor yang unik, Anda dapat mengunduh aHaunted Dorm mod apk sekarang. Selamat dari hantu di sini saat Anda meningkatkan pintu!


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