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Buy Whole Alligator

Are you wondering where to buy a whole skinned alligator? Look no further than! Our medium-sized whole Louisiana alligators are perfect for throwing on the smoker or BBQ pit and will have your guests coming back for more. Not only does alligator make a great presentation, but it also has a fantastic smell while cooking.

buy whole alligator

Our whole skinned alligators are gutted, skinned, and frozen, with a strip of hide left on from head to tail, and the claws and head still attached. You can now order a whole skinned alligator and have alligator barbecue anywhere in the country.

Smoked alligator is a delicacy of Louisiana that is sure to impress your guests. To prepare it, simply season the meat with your favorite rub or marinade and smoke it low and slow until tender. Whether you're a seasoned pitmaster or a BBQ beginner, our whole skinned alligators are perfect for any backyard BBQ.

Nothing will get a reaction from your guests or buddies like cooking a whole alligator on the smoker. The thought of cooking a swamp critter is repulsive to some, but others will get a big kick out of it.

This was my first time cooking an alligator, so I'm certainly no expert, but I am pleased with how it turned out. Most of my family enjoyed it too. We even had the opportunity to share it with my wife's parents, and my father-in-law thought the flavor and texture were amazing.

I wanted a simple, yet amazing way to experience the gator meat, so I chose alligator tacos with a Mexican theme. I adapted this recipe from GrillGirl. Keep reading to learn more about how I made these.

Step 1: Thaw and brine the whole gator. The gator ships frozen overnight in a Styrofoam box and can thaw in this box although you might need to add some ice to keep the thawed portion cold enough for the couple of days it takes to thaw. I ordered mine on a Thursday and received it on Friday. I left it in the box to thaw until Sunday. By then it was mostly thawed and ready to brine. See my notes on brining below.

Step 4: Prop the jaw open with a chunk of wood. You might need to work the jaw a while to get it open. It needs to be wide enough to slide a whole chicken into it's mouth. Smoke a chicken separately for stuffing into its mouth when you garnish it.

It's not vital to brine the alligator, but since parts of it are lean, it beneficial because it helps to keep it from drying out. The biggest challenge with brining a gator is finding a container big enough to brine it in. Read more about this in the section on brining below.

The video of the discovery, taken by geoscientist Rosie Moore, shows scientists evaluating the bulge in the python's stomach before opening it up. Scientists can then be seen removing the whole alligator from its stomach.

Burmese pythons are some of the largest snake species in the world. On average, they reach about 10 to 16 feet, but the biggest one ever found in Florida also measured 18 feet. Only particularly large snakes are able to swallow and digest such large prey items, such as this alligator.

Due to their large size, these snakes are able to swallow large prey. They are a non-venomous species but are incredibly strong. The species can swallow prey whole as their jaws are joined to flexible ligaments, meaning they can move around victims very easily.

Looking for something exciting to set your menu apart from the competition? Serve up a taste of classic Louisiana fare that your adventurous patrons are sure to love with this Big Pop's 28 - 30 lb. whole alligator! This gator is expertly farm-raised in Shreveport, Louisiana with no hormones or growth steroids - it offers an easy way to bring the flavor of the bayou to your establishment. Sometimes referred to as "chicken of the swamp," alligator is a lean white meat with a mild flavor that's remarkably similar to chicken with hints of fish and game. Its texture is soft, somewhere between white meat chicken and fish! The tail contains the majority of the white meat on the animal and is widely considered to have the choicest and most tender cuts of meat. However, the body, torso, neck, and leg meats are also full of delicious flavor, though some consider the legs to be rather tough. Best of all, this alligator meat is a great choice for your health-conscious patrons. It's low in fat and contains almost no saturated fat, but it's packed with protein! In fact, it's higher in protein than meats like chicken, beef, and pork, making it a satisfying and heart-healthy addition to your menu! Alligator has been a bayou delicacy for centuries - this whole alligator makes it easy to offer your customers a sample of authentic South Louisiana cuisine. It's conveniently skinned and gutted, so all that's left for you to do is cook it up! Grilled or smoked alligator makes a show-stopping centerpiece at any picnic, catered event, or holiday meal. To prepare this gator, begin by completely defrosting it under refrigeration (this can take several days depending on the size of your alligator). Flavor the meat by applying a dry rub or submerging the entire alligator in brine and allowing it to sit for 12 to 24 hours. For a truly memorable presentation, try wrapping the tail, body, and legs of your alligator in bacon! When it's time to cook, preheat your smoker or grill to between 250 and 275 degrees Fahrenheit and allow the alligator to cook until the thickest part of the tail reaches between 185 and 190 degrees Fahrenheit, then serve it up to your hungry guests! This 28 - 30 lb. alligator is perfect for serving large crowds or displaying on your carving station. Big Pop's Fresh Louisiana Gulf Seafood makes it easy to offer a unique Louisiana delicacy at your establishment! Direct from Shreveport, Louisiana to your kitchen, Big Pop's alligator meat brings the flavor of the bayou straight to you. This family-owned and -operated business takes pride in offering the best products to their customers. Their premium-quality, farm-raised alligators produce tender meat that's a versatile addition to a wide variety of dishes. Whether you're serving alligator bites, alligator sausage, or a show-stopping whole alligator, Big Pop's will save you a trip to Louisiana by shipping gator meat directly to you!

Made with alligator tail meat, our Alligator Jerky is a unique and healthy treat. Compared to other meats, alligator meat is low in fat, low in calories and big on protein. Alligator is also low in saturated fat and high in monounsaturated fat. Flavored with a mild Cajun recipe and hickory-smoked, this is a delicious gator jerky your whole family will love to try.

Ordered the Alligator Jerky and received it within two days! Shipping speed was excellent and the alligator jerky was awesome! My coworkers and I shared a package and we will definitely be ordering more products! Everyone loved it!!!

I've seen a lot of strange things in butcher shops: tongue, liver, hog heads, even gizzard. I have never seen an entire alligator in a butcher shop, let alone a major type of market such as Rouses. When Ali Byrd was out doing her grocery shopping, she ran across this little guy chilling in the cooler. A head-on and skinned alligator. Can't say I have ever seen one in a display case before. I have seen them on the grill, but never really thought of where you'd actually buy it. Apparently, Rouses in Sulphur is a place to get one!

There are many ways to prepare it, but LSU Chef Michael Johnson seems to have the best way to start with your whole-alligator cooking recipe. He starts with a brine overnight and then gives it a rub before placing it on the smoker. After it smokes for an hour, the little guy gets pulled out and rubbed down with the wet ingredients. After smoking it for hours, it's removed and served either the way it sits, or the meat is carefully picked and served. Take a look at Chef Michael's recipe, and maybe that turkey can take a hike this year for Thanksgiving!

  • Perfect for grilling or f... 1 pound prime fillet alligator meat

  • Frozen, vacuum packed

  • Farm raised by D&T Crawfish of Abbeville, Louisiana

Perfect for grilling or frying with Cajun 180 Seasoning.

That said, between 9/11, the 2003 Northeast blackout and the various leaks of customer information from the likes of Bank of America and CheckPoint, disaster is enough in the news to prevent anyone from forgetting about the alligator entirely. In counterpoint to this, however, is the IT pricing and spending landscape. Over the past decade or so, management has gotten comfortable with the idea that capacity increases exponentially while prices steadily plummet. 041b061a72


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