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Marsa Rojava

"It came to my knowledge that r/rojava has recently been banned for "violent content". People familiar in neighbouring subs have attributed the ban to a biased "report spam" brigading campaign by people politically opposed to the subreddit.

Marsa Rojava

As you may already guess - some amount of violent content is to be expected from a subreddit concentrating information from a war zone. You may find content with comparable level of violence easily under r/europe and r/ukraine subreddits, since there's a war in Ukraine and everyone is discussing it. Administrative action is unlikely against those subreddits for reasons you can easily understand. Why then was administrative action taken against r/rojava? It is forbidden to have your homeland invaded, or to wish to defend your allies against attack?

If your process has been manipulated, please unban r/rojava and give its moderators adequate instructions on how to manage the situation - like you have surely given moderators of oher subreddits that bring news of war. 041b061a72


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