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Att Buy One Get One Note 8 Extra Quality

Lots of research has been done on this question; however each relatable topic has a number of answers. For example some responders have noted the unlocked version will not work at all because AT&T doesn't recognize the SIM or the IMEI number for the unlocked versions. Others have said they were able to get a rep at an AT&T store or in customer service to set up a dummy IMEI so they can use the service. Then there are others who have stated they returned the unlocked versions and purchased an AT&T branded one to get 3G but 4G LTE is not available. Even though the $65 prepaid unlimited data plan is good, no one wants to purchase a $1000.00 smartphone only to find out afterwards it either won't work at all or if it does work only a few of the features are accessible. So the question is will a Samsung galaxy note 8 work fully (4G LTE and all) on the prepaid plan? Wi-Fi calling is not an issue so that part doesn't require an answer.

att buy one get one note 8

Starting tomorrow, AT&T* business and consumer customers can visit or an AT&T store to preorder the Samsung Galaxy Note8. The smartphone will be available in our stores Sept. 15.

Express yourself in fun and powerful ways with the enhanced S Pen in the Galaxy Note8. The S Pen has a finer tip with improved pressure sensitivity, designed to write and feel like a real pen.10 You can take notes without unlocking your screen as well as write, draw, translate entire sentences and create personalized GIFs for your friends.

Club/Suite and student gates will open two hours prior to game time. All other gates at Jones AT&T Stadium will open an hour and a half before game time. Please note: No Re-Entry is allowed at Jones AT&T Stadium. 041b061a72


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