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The Godfather APK - Experience the Classic Movie in a Thrilling Mobile Game

You'll be drawn into a conspiracy, and you'll have to elevate your status and work your way through. If you like GTA, like the feel of free quests, like gangster games, and robbery storefronts with your little brother, then this game is for you.

In The Godfather: City Wars, you will be a member of House Corleone. As part of the story, the game takes place in the context of this epic mafia clan looking to expand its empire across major American cities like New York and Las Vegas. How will the process of manipulating and taking power over many economic and political aspects of family members? What is the best way to deal with a series of situations that arise inside and outside the family? Are you a strong member contributing to the overall success of the family? All the answers will be found in The Godfather: City Wars.

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The Godfather: City Wars is an officially licensed game from the author of The Godfather series. This game focuses on management experience and city building combined with strategic gameplay including shooting segments. Bring it all together in one big story with brilliant narrative art. The Godfather: City Wars is a game you should play if you want to enjoy many things in one.

One Of the very prestigious motion movies in history, The Godfather was corrected aggressively games for PC and consoles before. The latest game to be inspired by the hoodlum experience is designed for the tiny screen and is called The Godfather. Made by Hong Kong-based engineer FT Games, the sport features a location with the system type and is available as a free download on Android and iOS.

VirusTotal check showed 5 warnings for NoDVD for US version and 44 warnings for NoDVD for EU version. Also, Controller support fix by Greavesy showed moderate warnings. Files should be safe to use, but still, for 100% safety you can use Virtual Machine to play the game.

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The game with SilentPatch, widescreen fix and NoDVD has been tested on Windows 7 64-bit and Windows 10, works okay. We recommend to use US version of the game, because European version has some troubles with launch on modern systems, read our Notes

Long story short - first install the game, then NoDVD, Widescreen fix and Silent Patch (in that order). If you stuck - you can use PC Fix Pack by Mafia Videos, that pack includes all needed files

We may have multiple downloads for few games when different versions are available.Also, we try to upload manuals and extra documentation when possible. If you have additional files to contribute or have the game in another language, please contact us!

The Godfather II is a 2009 action-adventure game developed by EA Redwood Shores and published by Electronic Arts. It was released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 in April. Based on the 1974 film The Godfather Part II, it is the sequel to the 2006 game The Godfather, which was based on the 1972 film of the same name. Like the first game, The Godfather II follows a non-canon character, Dominic, who is initially the protégé and underboss of the original game's protagonist, Aldo Trapani. After Aldo is killed, Dominic is placed in charge of the Corleone family's operations in New York City and tasked with expanding the Corleone empire by taking out their rivals. Unlike the first game, which was primarily set in New York, the story also spans into Miami and Havana.

Like its predecessor, The Godfather II tells an original story, which intersects with the narrative of the film on multiple occasions. However, the game changes the film's plot more so than the first game did: none of the material concerning the rise of Vito Corleone is present in the game, and the events of the film are presented in a different order. Additionally, whereas in the first game, most of Aldo's actions took the form of events which happened off-screen in the first film, in The Godfather II, Dominic has a more central role, appearing in numerous scenes in which he was not present in the film; for example, he is with Frank Pentangeli during his attempted assassination, he accompanies Tom Hagen to see Pat Geary after the prostitute is found dead, and he kills Hyman Roth and Fredo Corleone. Unlike the first game, which featured many of the film's actors reprising their roles, only Robert Duvall returned as Tom Hagen, while the rest of the cast comprises entirely new actors.

The Godfather II received mixed reviews across all platforms. Common criticisms included graphical glitches, technical bugs, poor AI, and an unimaginative open world design. Many critics also felt the game deviated too much from both the plot and tone of the film, and that it was too easy and too short. It was a commercial failure, selling less than 400,000 units worldwide across all platforms. Its poor critical and commercial performance led EA to scrap plans for an adaptation of the third Godfather film.

The Godfather II is an action-adventure and role-playing game played from a third-person perspective, in which the player controls Dominic, an original character created for the game, who becomes the Don of the Corleone family in New York City, and Michael Corleone's underboss. The basic gameplay and game mechanics fall into the subgenre of Grand Theft Auto clones, as the player can travel throughout the game world freely, commandeer vehicles, do whatever they want in terms of attacking and/or killing innocent civilians, and progress through the storyline at their own leisure, spending as much time traversing the city as they wish.

Much of the game is based around third-person shooting, with the player able to wield a pistol, a magnum, a tommy gun, a shotgun, and a sniper rifle, as well as projectiles such as molotov cocktails and dynamite. The game features both a lock-on system and a manual aiming system. In the manual system, the player has complete freedom to aim wherever they wish. In the lock-on system, the player can lock onto a target, but still has a certain degree of freedom to aim manually; the targeting reticule can be moved around the locked on target, allowing the player to target specific areas. If the reticule turns red, the player has found a weak point. All enemies have four weak points - their two knees and their two shoulders. If the player shoots one of their knees, the enemy will no longer be able to run, but will continue to shoot back. If the player hits a shoulder, the enemy won't be able to fire back or fight.[5][6]

The other mode of combat in the game is melee combat, which is very similar to the "BlackHand" system used in the first game. Once the player has locked onto an NPC, either hostile or non-hostile, they can use the right analog stick or the shoulder buttons to engage in melee combat. The system allows for light attacks, heavy attacks, powered attacks, and directional attacks. It also allows the player to swing the opponent around, drag them, strangle them, lift them to their feet if they fall to their knees, slam them against walls, smash their head against counters, throw them over ledges and out windows, and perform execution maneuvers when the opponent is suitably weakened. Players can also wield numerous melee weapons, such as baseball bats, tire irons, police batons, and snooker cues.[7]

A major part of The Godfather II's gameplay is extorting businesses. When the player is attempting to intimidate a business owner into paying protection money, a meter appears on screen with two red bars. To get the owner to agree to pay, the player must intimidate them until the meter fills up to the first bar. After this point, the more intimidation the player can achieve, the more money the owner will pay out. However, if the meter passes the second red bar, the owner will begin to fight back and will refuse to pay anything. Every business owner has a weak point, something they particularly fear, and if the player finds it, the amount of money paid out will rise faster than the meter fills, allowing the player to extort more money before the meter reaches the second red bar. Intimidation methods include beating the owner up, throwing them around, smashing their shop, hanging them off ledges, attacking customers, or pointing firearms at them.[8]

A new element of gameplay in The Godfather II is "Crime Rings". Every business is part of a larger multi-business crime ring, and once the player has taken over every business in a given crime ring, they receive a gameplay bonus. For example, taking over every business in a diamond smuggling ring will give all members of the player's family bulletproof vests, taking over all businesses in a drug ring will double the player's income from each individual extorted business, taking over all businesses in a chop shop ring will give the player access to armored vehicles, etc.[9] However, these bonuses are also available to any rival family who controls the crime ring, until the player takes over any single business within the ring, then the bonus disappears. For either the player or a rival family to receive the crime ring bonus, they must control every business in the crime ring, but to lose the bonus, they need lose only one business.[10][11] To ensure the player does not lose extorted businesses, they must assign guards. Every business the player has extorted is open to attack from rival families, and if the business is unguarded, it will be lost. If a rival family successfully takes back a business, they will break the crime ring, and the player will lose their bonus.[12]

Another new gameplay aspect in The Godfather II is the squad mechanic, whereby the player can directly command a group of made men. Each made man has one or more special skills; "Arsonist" (can set fire to various locations), "Demolitions" (can rig bombs on cars and buildings), "Bruiser" (can smash certain locked doors and perform stealth kills on enemies), "Safecracker" (can open safes and certain locked doors), "Engineer" (can cut through fences and deactivate communications in enemy businesses, meaning they cannot call for backup) and "Medic" (can revive Dominic and other made men if their health is reduced to zero during combat).[14] When a made man is hired, they start at the lowest rank; soldato. A total of four soldato can be hired, with the player able to promote two to the rank of capo, thus leaving room to hire two more soldato. When a made man is promoted to capo, they are granted an additional special skill, and become more powerful. The player can also promote one capo to the rank of underboss, giving him another special skill and further enhancing his strength. Although the player can have a total of seven made-men working for him, only three can be active in his crew at any one time. The inactive men can be sent to guard businesses or attack rival businesses.[5][15][16]


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