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The Ultimate Guide to Last Shelter Survival: Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

The sweeping zombies destroyed almost all the cities, and human is nearly hopeless. Commander, the survivors need you. Lead them to build the last shelter in the perilous desolation! To survive, you need to search for supplies, and plan your city construction, research army technology to rebuild your home step by step. The endless army of zombies could attack at any time. Commander, will you be able to hold out until the next dawn?

last shelter survival


All for survivalThe zombie virus is spreading! As a commander, your first duty is to build shelters, find enough supplies and build a safe home to survive in this zombie-filled world.

Are you a fan of the popular Last Shelter Survival game? Have you ever wished that you could get ahead faster in the game without spending any money on it? Well, now you can make your wishes come true with Last Shelter Survival Diamonds Generator, Last Shelter Survival Diamonds Hack, Last Shelter Survival Diamonds Cheats, Last Shelter Survival Free Diamonds Generator, Last Shelter Survival Diamonds Generator 2023, Last Shelter Survival Diamonds Free Cheats, Last Shelter Survival Cheats Generator Ios Android, and Last Shelter Survival Cheats Generator No Human Verification.Last Shelter Survival is a popular post-apocalyptic strategy game from IM30 Technology with over 7 million downloads worldwide. This game allows players to build their own shelter and establish a post-apocalyptic community by scavenging resources from the wasteland. The game is also packed with thrilling missions and adventures as you fight to protect your home from the dangers of the wild.

Global free-to-play games revenue saw a 6 percent increase to $87.1 billion last year, with Epic Games' Fortnite ($1.8 billion), Nexon's Dungeon Fighter Online (1.6 billion) and Tencent's Honor of Kings ($1.6 billion) ranked in the top three spots, according to a recent report from data analytics company Nielsen's SuperData Research Group.

According to the report, world digital games revenue last year had a 3 percent year-on-year rise to hit $109.4 billion, among which free-to-play games spending accounted for 80 percent of all the revenue, thanks to strong performances from mobile games.

The use of heroes. Heroes have the strongest willpower and abilities. In order to protect your forces and build a powerful city in the last days, the existence of a great hero is crucial for a commander. Commanders can form formations in barracks, send heroes on campaigns with troops, or leave them in city buildings to improve the efficiency of city construction.

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Base protection. All combat group formations in the base will fight the troops at the attacking base in turn setting up a defensive center. Units in the base that do not join the group formation will be the last to participate in the battles. Any group formation on the defensive side can be won once in defense battles. The attacker will defeat all troops of the group formation and troops that do not enter the group formation on the defensive side.

War phase. The war phase lasts from 00:00 to 24:00 on Saturday. When a state of war begins, all alliances send troops to capture. The first to reach 100% wins the battle. If no alliance can capture the spaceport by 100%, then the one with the highest percentage of control wins.

Doomsday Conquest is a battle side by side with your alliance, during which you receive the final rewards for capturing territories, gathering resources, improving buildings of honor, increasing specialties of honor, and competing for places in the ranking. One season of conquest lasts 45 days. The entire season is divided into Season Points, Season Rewards, and Season End.

Battle rules. When a legion attacks territory, the troops will attack the defenders in sequence until they are conquered. Each time a legion unit marches, it can only attack once. When the last squad complete the attack, the legion will return.

The Qualifying Competition for the Most Powerful District is a system in which two groups of districts with approximately similar forces compete with each other. The event usually lasts 7 days, the districts will be divided into 2 to 2. The commanders of both districts will complete daily missions to earn points. When the time runs out, the area with the most points wins.

The Powerful District Tournament is an event in which many districts take part. The system will classify districts into groups - Silver, Gold and Legendary. Each group contains 16 alliances competing for a place in the ranking. Each season of the Powerful Region lasts 5 weeks. The first week is the drawing of lots by the district presidents, thereby choosing their opponents for the next 4 weeks of the competition.

At the beginning of the event, if the leader did not set the difficulty level, then the one that was chosen last time will be set by default. If the alliance participates in the event for the first time, then the default will be low difficulty. When the event ends, the alliance leader will have time to distribute rewards, during which members will no longer be able to receive points.

When the last levels of task completion points are reached, the head of the alliance will receive an additional bonus. At the end of an event, if an ally does not issue a contribution reward within the specified time, the system will automatically issue a reward to the five best members of the alliance who contributed to this event. If you replace or leave the alliance during the event, you will not be able to receive the reward properly.

The event starts at a specific time every week and lasts several hours. The event is divided into three stages: preparation, competition and defense. During the preparation phase, no player can locate and attack landmark buildings. During the skirmish phase, all alliances whose territory borders the restricted area of the landmark building can attack the landmark building. After the attack is successful, the alliance will occupy the building and the building will become "occupied" and timed out. An alliance with 100% priority will become the owner of the building.

There are three slots for heroes as well as troops. The troops and heroes in the first slot fight from the front, those who are in the second slot fight behind the units leading from the front. And, at last, heroes/troops in the third slot fight from the backline/last.

An 11 month old mastiff named Ellie is one of the many dogs who are fighting for their lives after contracting Parvo. Ellie is still recovering after being in the animal hospital, and now in the care of Care For Pets since she got Parvo last week. Parvo is a highly contagious virus that only has a 50-50 chance of survival.


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